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Moses: Egypt's Great Prince (1998) Online

Moses: Egypt's Great Prince (1998) Online
Original Title :
Moses: Egyptu0027s Great Prince
Genre :
Creative Work / Animation / Biography / Drama / Family / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Horseman Cao
Cast :
Gregory Abbey,Philip Anthony,Lisa DeSimone
Writer :
Bill Schwartz,Jock Judson
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Moses: Egypt's Great Prince (1998) Online

Credited cast:
Gregory Abbey Gregory Abbey - (voice)
Philip Anthony Philip Anthony - (voice)
Lisa DeSimone Lisa DeSimone - (voice)
Jonathan Dokuchitz Jonathan Dokuchitz - (voice)
Robert Emmet Robert Emmet - (voice)
Earl Hammond Earl Hammond - (voice)
Bob Kaliban Bob Kaliban - (voice)
Robert Lydiard Robert Lydiard - (voice)
Lucy Martin Lucy Martin - (voice)
Roger Raines Roger Raines - (voice)
Sherry Skinker Sherry Skinker - (voice)

Released to capitalize on The Prince of Egypt (1998).

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From the incomprehensible dialogue to the wild gesticulation of characters trying to convey emotion, to self-tanned twink Ramses and the sidekick dog who sounds like his voice actor's only direction was "Do it more like if Scooby Doo was a racist," on top of the fact that it is only the story of Moses on a technicality, in that is is a story and the main character is a guy named Moses, this movie is truly grotesque. If you're reading this review, I first invite you to reconsider every choice you've made that lead you to this point, and then I invite you to never show this to any children, it's devoid of any value whatsoever. It is not the story of Moses, it lacks the messages of perseverance, compassion, trust and self sacrifice that make that story great in exchange for recycled animation, continuity errors and Egypt based cat puns. If you're looking for a fun bad movie to watch with some friends, you can certainly do worse than this, its grotesque canyon of quality can be a lot of fun with the right friends.
Slowly writer

Slowly writer

Having always loved animation, I'd see anything no matter how obscure or how regarded it is. Moses: Egypt's Great Prince is not bad, nor is it particularly good. The music is great, Moses is a likable titular character, the colours and backgrounds do look nice and colourful and the voice acting is decent. On the other hand, the character designs are rather stiff and crude, while the dialogue feels stilted and the story lacks focus and sometimes drive, either being padded at times or having meaningless subplots like Moses being stalked by mummies. I didn't care all that much for Neferkitty the cat either, the name itself is rather uninspired and the character not only is too politically correct but also adds little to the story. Overall, watchable but unremarkable, I did feel that Dreamworks' Prince of Egypt was a more evocative and compelling animation about the Exodus. 5/10 Bethany Cox