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Gaki zoshi (1973) Online

Gaki zoshi (1973) Online
Original Title :
Gaki zoshi
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
Yôichi Takabayashi
Cast :
Yûtarô Ban,Akira Nitta
Type :
Rating :
Gaki zoshi (1973) Online

Credited cast:
Yûtarô Ban Yûtarô Ban
Akira Nitta Akira Nitta

User reviews



I didn't expect that much about this film when I rent it, but sooner I'm impressed by those beautiful and weird expression of adolescence. I didn't realize how great Takabayashi were until I saw this film, I didn't even know him at that point but he's a real fine artist who got lots of imagination and ideas of how to express dreams, a dream like everyone dreamed once. Not only trouble about sexuality of adolescence but any age of people who's suffering about sex. He's attached to express people's dream who got some sexual problems in many situations all the time. I'd like to recommend this film international. This is one of the most beautiful psychological description picture I ever saw including, Antonioni, Weir, Maya Deren or Teshigahara. It's a shame that he didn't ever introduced through out the world so big, like other Japanese directors Kurosawa or Ozu, but I think the most terrible thing is that he didn't even known in Japan more than international. He's one of the artist who live in obscurity all his life. In Japanese "Gaki" means kids, and "Zoshi" means in ancient Japanese a story.