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Elixir (2015) Online

Elixir (2015) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Matthew Lipke
Cast :
Dave Allen,Ben Ash,Bob Bolyard
Writer :
Erin Lynn Doyle,Erin Lynn Doyle
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Elixir (2015) Online

By 2115, the world has been plagued by severe environmental disasters, civil unrest, anarchy and governmental collapse, and pure chaos. Society no longer has easy access to the basic needs of survival, and everyday is a fight to survive. Elixir chronicles the adventures and struggles of a group of three skilled individuals as they traverse the Northeastern United States in search of the new mega-dam, Elixir, built by the water-controlling and ruthless Mulholland Corporation. Without technology or basic necessities, including water, to aid them our group must overcome extreme obstacles including disease, injury, internal moral dilemmas, and Skulks, the mercenary "peace-keeping" militia working for the Mulholland Corporation.
Credited cast:
Dave Allen Dave Allen - Todd
Ben Ash Ben Ash - Warren Jackel
Bob Bolyard Bob Bolyard - Connor
Mae DesTroismaisons Mae DesTroismaisons - Skulk Three
Mark Dufresne Mark Dufresne - Slade
Julia Fichera Julia Fichera - Olivia Haylin
Sandra Gartner Sandra Gartner - Suzanne
Gus Jr. Gus Jr. - Gus Jr.
Ken Holmes Ken Holmes - Hartley
Ula Klein Ula Klein - Kasey
Elliot Lafferty Elliot Lafferty - Skulk in Custody
Joseph Laston Joseph Laston - Colton
Peter Limanek Peter Limanek - Skulk Two
Emily Menzel Emily Menzel - Skulk One
Erik Milbauer Erik Milbauer - Don

User reviews



Elixir is riveting from start to finish. Story line is provoking. Sound and camera work amazing. Any chance I can buy a DVD? Matt Lipke and his crew succeeded at this production. Regardless of being a hundred years into the future, Elixir is timeless. Anyone, whether they have a concern with or vested interest in conservation, ecological sustainability and protecting natural resources will see the virtues of Elixir's message. Other viewers cannot help but be convinced that what we take for granted will be nothing more than a fleeting entity if proper attention is not paid now. Thank you, Matt Lipke, well done and respect to you and your crew. Your work will not go unnoticed.