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El derecho de nacer  Online
Original Title :
El derecho de nacer
Genre :
TV Series / Drama
Cast :
Kate del Castillo,Saúl Lisazo,Diana Bracho
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
El derecho de nacer Online

Series cast summary:
Kate del Castillo Kate del Castillo - María Elena del Junco 3 episodes, 2001
Saúl Lisazo Saúl Lisazo - Aldo Drigani 3 episodes, 2001
Diana Bracho Diana Bracho - Clemencia Rivera de del Junco 3 episodes, 2001
Carlos Bracho Carlos Bracho - Rafael del Junco 3 episodes, 2001
Maite Embil Maite Embil - Matilde del Junco de Armenteros 3 episodes, 2001
Gabriela Goldsmith Gabriela Goldsmith - Adriana Drigani de Rivera 3 episodes, 2001
Raúl Araiza Raúl Araiza - El Negro 3 episodes, 2001
Jorge Antolín Jorge Antolín - Jorge Luis Armenteros 3 episodes, 2001
David Ostrosky David Ostrosky - José Rivera 3 episodes, 2001
Hugo Acosta Hugo Acosta - Alfredo Martínez 3 episodes, 2001
Sergio Corona Sergio Corona - Manuel Puk 3 episodes, 2001
Sabine Moussier Sabine Moussier - Graciela 3 episodes, 2001
Francis Laboriel Francis Laboriel - María Dolores 'Mamá Dolores' 3 episodes, 2001
Irán Castillo Irán Castillo - Isabel Cristina Armenteros del Junco 3 episodes, 2001
Mike Biaggio Mike Biaggio - Dr. Alberto Limonta 3 episodes, 2001
Audrey Vera Audrey Vera - Angélica de la Reguera 3 episodes, 2001
Jorge Consejo Jorge Consejo - Oswaldo Martínez 3 episodes, 2001
Ricardo Schmall Ricardo Schmall - Santiago 3 episodes, 2001
Verónica Jaspeado Verónica Jaspeado - Teté Puk de de la Reguera 3 episodes, 2001
Ingrid Martz Ingrid Martz - Leonor Castro 3 episodes, 2001
Mauricio Bonet Mauricio Bonet - Eduardo 3 episodes, 2001
Ehécatl Chávez Ehécatl Chávez - Bruno 3 episodes, 2001
Juan Ríos Juan Ríos - Raúl de la Reguera 3 episodes, 2001
Paulina de Labra Paulina de Labra - Rosa 3 episodes, 2001
Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez - La Loba 3 episodes, 2001
Tony Bravo Tony Bravo - Dr. Alejandro Sierra 3 episodes, 2001
Linda Elizabeth Linda Elizabeth - Jacinta 3 episodes, 2001
Héctor Sánchez Héctor Sánchez - El Mudo 3 episodes, 2001
Martín Tamez Martín Tamez - El colorado 3 episodes, 2001
Sergio Cataño Sergio Cataño - Carlos 3 episodes, 2001
Daniel Rendón Daniel Rendón - Héctor 3 episodes, 2001
Jorge Capin Jorge Capin 3 episodes, 2001
Diego Sieres Diego Sieres 3 episodes, 2001
Jorge Trejo Jorge Trejo 3 episodes, 2001

User reviews



This is probably one of the best stories ever to come out of Mexico, and it spawned at least three remakes (four if you count the Venezuelan version "De Su Misma Sangre"). But this latest one lacks two important elements: acting and characterization.

The acting is downright awful. In some scenes, it is obvious that the actors and actresses are, well, acting! They over-act and they make a mockery out of the characters, to the point of making them caricatures. (With the exception of Kate Del Castillo).

And this brings up the second point: the Don Rafael Del Junco character, is way, way over the top, badly acted, and badly scripted! They've turned the very stern father from earlier versions, into a complete psycho in this one. Maybe they thought that since this guy's supposed to be a baby killer, that he should be a madman, but this is way too much. In earlier versions, the father was super strict and evil, but he was not a madman. He was set in his ways and did order the (failed) murder attempt of his daughter's baby but later in life he grew remorseful of this act, and had enough redeeming qualities that the audience could forgive him. If this father is forgiven later on, that would be a huge mistake. (And his wife was not a drug addict either, until this one!)

It is a shame that Televisa has taken upon itself to remake several classics of what I consider its earlier glory days. The Veronica Castro 1981 version of this soap opera is much better. We need a station that will broadcast the earlier versions of the classics, so that the younger generations will know the good stuff that came before. Telemundo/Univision are you listening ?


"Sin Tantina Pena" is the theme to this good "telenovela". Kate Del Castillo plays a young girl named Maria Elena del Junco in this remake of the 1982 novela, which was a remake of the 1966 version. "El Derecho de Nacer" was broadcast on Univision(formerly SIN) all the way to Friday Night, February 22nd, 2002. Besides Kate del Castillo, Saul Lisazo plays her husband, later, the novela will(maybe)be rebroadcast in Grandes Historias(M-F 1:00-3:00 AM). Another good telenovela of Televisa. I give this novela ****out of****.


Despite the fact that I don't speak Spanish, I find this show a reality about family conflicts. It relates to rifts in families, where Elena the main character takes her mother's side, and Matilda takes her fathers. Overall this is an enjoyable show.


When Mexican soap operas have become so predictable, schematic and boring, `El Derecho de Nacer' (`Right for Birth') is a mature alternative. This is a classic, proven successful story that is about a rich Mexican family reigned by a mean, corrupt man, who is capable to do such a terrible thing like dictating his own grandson assassination, when he is still a newborn child. In this new version, magnificent Kate del Castillo's acting is superb. You will fall in love with `Maria Elena del Junco'. who's emotionally intense, gorgeous but tormented, and absolutely lovely. Don't miss it, you will find also an excellent cast in this show.