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Parks and Recreation The Fight (2009–2015) Online

Parks and Recreation The Fight (2009–2015) Online
Original Title :
The Fight
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Randall Einhorn
Cast :
Amy Poehler,Rashida Jones,Aziz Ansari
Writer :
Greg Daniels,Michael Schur
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Parks and Recreation The Fight (2009–2015) Online

While Tom invites everyone to the Snakehole as he debuts a new drink, Leslie encourages Ann to apply for a job with the city. However, at the nightclub, Leslie and Ann get into a fight over their dating habits.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Amy Poehler Amy Poehler - Leslie Knope
Rashida Jones Rashida Jones - Ann Perkins
Aziz Ansari Aziz Ansari - Tom Haverford
Nick Offerman Nick Offerman - Ron Swanson
Aubrey Plaza Aubrey Plaza - April Ludgate
Chris Pratt Chris Pratt - Andy Dwyer
Adam Scott Adam Scott - Ben Wyatt
Rob Lowe Rob Lowe - Chris Traeger
Jim O'Heir Jim O'Heir - Jerry Gergich
Retta Retta - Donna Meagle
Nick Kroll Nick Kroll - The Douche
Andy Milder Andy Milder - Freddy
Ben Schwartz Ben Schwartz - Jean-Ralphio
Matt Besser Matt Besser - Crazy Ira (voice)
Yvans Jourdain Yvans Jourdain - Councilman Howser

User reviews



Parks and Recreation has many great episodes. Some are political satires on American culture, some are very influential to the series as a whole, and some are just flat-out bonkers. Season 3's episode "The Fight" certainly fits the latter. You know, sometimes all you need in an episode is just to see everyone get super drunk!

The episode revolves around Ann getting offered a job to work at City Hall. Leslie obvisiouly is very excited about this opportunity and, being the super supportive friend she is, decides to help Ann in any way she can so she can get offered the position. Ann, on the other hand, isn't sure if this is the right career opportunity for her, and feels Leslie may be rushing into things and pushing her into something she may not want to do. It's this conflict that anchors the episode story-wise. However, I think when most people look back at this episode, they think about one particular thing: Snake Juice.

Snake Juice, is a new alcoholic beverage that Tom has created that he has decided to promote at the Snakehole Lounge. He invites the entire Parks Department to attend, but what most people don't know is just how unhealthy this beverage really is and contains a high volume of alcohol and caffeine. This episode starts off pretty slow, and ends pretty slow, but everything in the middle at the Snakehole lounge is COMEDY GOLD!

We see Leslie and Ann fighting for the first time in the series; April introduces her alter-ego Janet Snakehole (incredible performance by Plaza) as she role-plays with Andy's alter-ego, FBI agent Burt Macklin; Jean-Ralphio pops in and displays his lackluster rapping skills; Nick Kroll's, The Douche, also is in attendance and gets stuck in the middle of Leslie and Ann's bickering; and this entire sequence has arguably the best "jump-cut talking-head sequence" (one of the show's trademarks) as we see everyone talk drunkingly into the camera one at a time. Each one remarkably funnier than the next.

Overall, "The Fight" is simply one of the funniest episodes in the show. The entire cast show's off their incredible drunk-acting skills and the episode is filled with many great gags and memorable quotes. This is the second episode written by Amy Poehler and she proves once again why her comedic talent is greater than just acting. She can also write some of the funniest episodes in the series.
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ

I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ

Just the scene 3/4 into the episode kills me...the babbling, Jerry, Ron's dancing, Andy trying to be Eddie Vedder...they all look legitimately ripped. If it weren't for the engagement episode, this would be my favorite one.
Vital Beast

Vital Beast

R to the O to the N and I say Swanson got swagger the size of Big Ben clock


Each character becomes drunk and its funny, very funny.