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Закон и порядок: Специальный корпус Mother (1999– ) Online

Закон и порядок: Специальный корпус Mother (1999– ) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ted Kotcheff
Cast :
Christopher Meloni,Mariska Hargitay,Richard Belzer
Writer :
Dick Wolf,Lisa Marie Petersen
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Закон и порядок: Специальный корпус Mother (1999– ) Online

Police find a female forensic psychiatrist unconscious and bound in a basement, along with would-be rapists. She turns out to be the author of a book about rehabilitating convicted sex offenders. The detectives identify one of her patients as a suspect, and ask the doctor for his records, but they disappeared when her office was vandalized shortly after she left the hospital. A tape that disappeared during the break-in is brought to police by another suspect's sister, which leads the investigation to focus on victimology.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Christopher Meloni Christopher Meloni - Elliot Stabler
Mariska Hargitay Mariska Hargitay - Olivia Benson
Richard Belzer Richard Belzer - John Munch
Stephanie March Stephanie March - Alexandra Cabot
Ice-T Ice-T - Odafin Tutuola
BD Wong BD Wong - Dr. George Huang (as B.D. Wong)
Dann Florek Dann Florek - Donald Cragen
Jon Abrahams Jon Abrahams - Robert Logan
Sherri Parker Lee Sherri Parker Lee - Christina Logan
Marisol Nichols Marisol Nichols - A.D.A. Bettina Amador
Jill Marie Lawrence Jill Marie Lawrence - Cleo Conrad
Jimmy Palumbo Jimmy Palumbo - Mr. Ralsay
Susanna Thompson Susanna Thompson - Dr. Greta Heints
P.J. Marshall P.J. Marshall - Benny Edgar Ralsay (as PJ Marshall)
James Lurie James Lurie - Kenneth Heints

The scene in the beginning where the cast is eating lunch outside is located in Jersey City NJ

User reviews



The episode begins with a drug bust in a seedy heroin dealer's dump, where they find a blonde lady tied up and two would-be rapists considering taking advantage of her unconsciousness. Stabler and Benson arrive on the scene and Olivia recognizes the unconscious woman- She's Dr. Greta Heints, a therapist who believes that her unconventional techniques can cure rapists. The detectives begin to pursue one of her patients, Robert Logan, only to find that he has quite the story about a love affair between himself and the good doctor. Doctor-patient privilege becomes a problem for the detectives as they try to figure out what was really happening on Dr. Greta's couch. The ending was superb in my opinion; I loved the twist they tossed in there. Well worth the watch, I give this episode a ten out of ten!


Mother explores SVU into a twisted family and a psychiatrist who may not be so pure, either, and the first sign this case is flakier than usual is when a horny loser and his reluctant buddy happen upon a dingy basement where a woman is bound and gagged.

The woman is Doctor Greta Heints and somebody beat her up rather badly. She has no memory of the attack but as SVU investigates her treatments of sec offenders comes under scrutiny, especially when her office gets ransacked and therapy tapes are stolen.

SVU eventually finds a suspect in one of her most unstable patients, Robert Logan. His sister, a drug treatment worker named Christina, blames Greta for Robert's state as a mental cripple and it gets worse when Robert breaks down in court and Christina finds one of Greta's therapy cassettes - where Greta is all but begging Robert to make love to her.

Greta of course insists it is not what it seems, and the more SVU investigates the more bizarre the case gets.

Making the weirdness of the whole matter compelling are the entertaining performances of Susanna Thompson as Greta and Sherri Parker Lee as Christina, the both of them giving a delightful Shatner-esque flavor of over the top, such as when Elliott and Olivia (curiously wearing a rather fetching tank top) play the incriminating tape to Greta and later when they confront Christina complete with explanation of a kick where it hurts.


A couple of young men looking to score with drugs and girls find an unconscious and bound woman in a crack house. The victim turns out to be a well known psychiatrist played by Susanna Thompson who believes that she can cure rapists, something the SVU squad has their doubts about.

During the course of the investigation the squad collars a recidivist rapist, but he's not the perpetrator of what happened to Thompson. For that we have to look at another of her patients Jon Abraham and his sister Sherri Parker Lee.

Thompson therapeutic technique is called into question here and none of these three people are any model citizens. All have some serious issues.

Highlight of the story is B.D. Wong trying to break through to Abraham to get at a long unsolved crime that might be the root of all the problems. It's a big part of it, but at the very end Sherri Parker Lee makes a revelation to Benson and Stabler about their family.

Thompson, Abraham, and Parker Lee all are outstanding and from the regulars this one belongs to B.D. Wong.