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Omerta, la loi du silence  Online
Original Title :
Omerta, la loi du silence
Genre :
TV Series / Thriller / Crime
Cast :
Michel Côté,Luc Picard,Dino Tavarone
Type :
TV Series
Time :
8h 48min
Rating :
Omerta, la loi du silence Online

Gilbert Tanguay, the director of the anti-crime squad, hires two men to catch the head of Montreal's Mafia, Giuseppe Scarfo. One, Pierre Gauthier, is going to lead the investigation, and the other, François Pelletier, is going to go undercover.
Series cast summary:
Michel Côté Michel Côté - Pierre Gauthier 11 episodes, 1996
Luc Picard Luc Picard - François Pelletier 11 episodes, 1996
Dino Tavarone Dino Tavarone - Giuseppe Scarfo 11 episodes, 1996
Claude Michaud Claude Michaud - Georges Lemire 11 episodes, 1996
Brigitte Paquette Brigitte Paquette - Gabrielle Provost 11 episodes, 1996
Sylvie Legault Sylvie Legault - Michèle Vallieres 11 episodes, 1996
Vittorio Rossi Vittorio Rossi - Tom Celano 11 episodes, 1996
John Dunn-Hill John Dunn-Hill - Marco D'Ascola 11 episodes, 1996
Manuel Tadros Manuel Tadros - Frank Vastelli 11 episodes, 1996
Glenn Astles Glenn Astles - Policier 11 episodes, 1996
Daniel Richard Giverin Daniel Richard Giverin - Policier 11 episodes, 1996
Hubert Le Messurier Hubert Le Messurier - Policier 11 episodes, 1996
Pierre Mercier Pierre Mercier - Policier 11 episodes, 1996
André Querton André Querton - Policier 11 episodes, 1996
Michel Dumont Michel Dumont - Gilbert Tanguay 10 episodes, 1996
Claude Blanchard Claude Blanchard - Roger Perreault 10 episodes, 1996
Sophie Lorain Sophie Lorain - Denise Deslonchamps 9 episodes, 1996
Dominico Caputo Dominico Caputo - Bernardo Longo 8 episodes, 1996
Frank Schorpion Frank Schorpion - Terry O'Neill 8 episodes, 1996
Serge Thériault Serge Thériault - Guy Boisvert 7 episodes, 1996
Tony Conte Tony Conte - Vincenzo Spadollinni 7 episodes, 1996
Marc Hébert Marc Hébert - Jérome Couture 7 episodes, 1996
Deano Clavet Deano Clavet - Angelo Bogliozzi 6 episodes, 1996
Claude Lemieux Claude Lemieux - Bertrand Fournel 6 episodes, 1996
Ron Lea Ron Lea - Gino Favara 5 episodes, 1996
Carl Alacchi Carl Alacchi - Ronnie Dante 5 episodes, 1996
France Castel France Castel - Hélène Provost 5 episodes, 1996
Stéphane Demers Stéphane Demers - Marc Larose 5 episodes, 1996
Ninon Lévesque Ninon Lévesque - Mado 5 episodes, 1996
Pierre Powers Pierre Powers - Benoît Landry 5 episodes, 1996
Guylaine Tremblay Guylaine Tremblay - Diane 5 episodes, 1996

User reviews



The Omerta trilogy is the best series I have ever seen on television. It centers around the RCMP's attempts to take down the head of the Montreal mafia. It is hard-hitting, violent, realistic, and incredibly intense. It is one of the rare shows where I had to keep watching each episode in the DVD set one after the other, hoping I could keep fitting one more in before I had to go to bed.

There are 3 stories in the Omerta series; Omerta 1, 2, and 3. Omerta 1 and 2 are sequential in terms of the story, and should be watched in order. Omerta 3 introduces a new character, and follows his rise in the mafia. What is interesting is that the time-line in Omerta 3 covers both before and after the action in the first two, characters which had been killed off earlier can make appearances without causing plot holes. It was an effective way of creating a full series using many of the same actors.

I would have to say that of the 3 series, each became more polished until you arrive at Omerta 3, which is truly fantastic. There are 11 episodes in series 1, 14 in series 2, and 13 in series 3. I would highly recommend you watch them in order, although you can watch series 3 independently of the first 2 and still follow the storyline. All 3 are in French, and a very heavily accented Montreal French at that. Also, in the DVD sets that I watched, there was no English audio track nor any subtitles. If you can understand the language, I strongly urge you to check out this unique series which preceded the Sopranos by a number of years. You will not be disappointed.



Omerta is a 13 part mini-series that was a huge hit in Quebec. Shot in French and available in English dubbed, this is a very entertaining, full of suspense and well acted series about the mob and the people who try to stop it.


This series fascinates me since the first time i saw it. The acting level is incredibly high, well written, the casting is amazing (except for few exceptions in season 3, in my opinion) well directed and even the music, by Michel Cusson, is totally awesome!! I've heard few cops and criminal experts describing this series as very accurate in terms of how the organized crime, finance sector, secret service and rotten politicians works together in Montreal (you just have to read the news these days). Much more than an average mafia vs biker series.

An undercover agent risking his life in a prison to get informations, a pedophile cop selling informations to the mob, an undercover agent killed by ____________, impossibles and shredded love affairs, bad blood between police colleagues, bad blood between capos, corrupted politicians and police bosses are a glimpse of what you will find in this captivating and realistic story.

My favorite is season 2. The new godfather Gino Favara (Ron Lea) steal 115 millions (and steal the show too!) from the New York mafia boss Carlo Lombardo (Louis Di Bianco) to buy gold from the Russians. He also tries to grab the financial structure of the famous rock star Rick Bonnard (David La Haye) to launder his money but he needs the collaboration of the financial genius Paul Spencer (Marc Messier) who's not willing to collaborate. He also have to deal with his alcoholic and out of control brother in law who happens to be one of his capo.

Season 3 is also excellent but i had few problems with Tony Potenzza (Paolo Noël) & Victoria Sogliuzzo (Geneviève Rochette) performances from time to time to be perfectly honest. But the rest is so top notch it compensate for a few unconvincing scenes. The story is build around a love affair between Nicky Balsamo (Romano Orzary) and Victoria Sogliuzzo.

In conclusion, Omertà is never boring, very addictive, complex, always realistic and down to earth series. Almost impossible to be disappointed. I've read that there's an English dubbed version but the one i have is in french only, unfortunately.