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Сверхъестественное Simon Said (2005– ) Online

Сверхъестественное Simon Said (2005– ) Online
Original Title :
Simon Said
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Tim Iacofano
Cast :
Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles,Samantha Ferris
Writer :
Eric Kripke,Ben Edlund
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Сверхъестественное Simon Said (2005– ) Online

Visions show Sam, still hunting for the master demon with Dean, the way to another small town where paranormal events occur, some innocent, some chillingly evil. The Winchester brothers are convinced it's all the paranormal work of 23-year-old Andy Gallagher, but doubt as that boy, although a bit of an outcast loser living in a van filled with philosophy as well as rock music seems sincerely surprised and using his powers with self-control. Soon they find after rescuing Tracy from what seems his work there is another at least as able and less scrupled, in fact, Andy's secret twin-brother, whose vengeance for their separation strikes out mercilessly, a cool killer, which even Andy may be unable to help the brothers stop in his sadistic steps...
Episode cast overview:
Jared Padalecki Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester
Samantha Ferris Samantha Ferris - Ellen Harvelle
Alona Tal Alona Tal - Jo Harvelle
Chad Lindberg Chad Lindberg - Ash
Gabriel Tigerman Gabriel Tigerman - Andrew Gallagher
Elias Toufexis Elias Toufexis - Ansem 'Webber' Weems
Chiara Zanni Chiara Zanni - Tracy
Blu Mankuma Blu Mankuma - Dr. Jennings
Eric Keenleyside Eric Keenleyside - Dennis
Rachel Wainwright Rachel Wainwright - Holly Beckett
Ivan Vance Ivan Vance - Security Guard
Richard Lett Richard Lett - Ed
Ian Rozylo Ian Rozylo - Roger
John Dadey John Dadey - Deputy

Sam can be seen wearing a cast on his hand/wrist. Jared Padalecki injured his hand during a stunt in 2.03 "Bloodlust" and began filming 2.04 "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" before it was diagnosed as being broken. The injury was written in as an accident in the final stunts of that episode in order to set up for Sam to be wearing a cast for the next few episodes.

The license plate on Andy's van is another Star Wars/Obi Wan reference - it reads "RU OBI 1."

The original version of the story, as pitched by Ben Edlund, involved a deformed twin who convinced his normal-looking brother to be mentally handicapped, thanks to their telepathic link. In the finale, the deformed twin should have eaten his sibling. It was John Shiban that helped Edlund to boil down the script to the form seen here.

Deans tells Sam, "It looks like he can't work his mojo just by twitching his nose." This is a reference to the main character in the 1960's TV sitcom "Bewitched," a witch who twitches her nose to use her powers.

When Dean says that he isn't sure that Andy is the killer, Sam responds, "Dean, you had OJ convicted before he got out of his white bronco and you have doubts about this." He is referring to OJ Simpson, the Heisman trophy-winning former professional football player who was accused and later acquitted of murdering his wife in 1994.

The group playing "Stonehenge" is Spinal Tap, a fake group used to portray hard rockers in a mockumentary in the film "This is Spinal Tap(1984) which is by a group who was made up of actors playing rock stars. I.e. "Not who they seem to be" like the guy(s) who they are hunting.

The birth and fake name used for Andy's twin brother, Ansem 'Webber' Weems, is a play on the names of the character Potsie Webber played by Anson Williams' on "Happy Days" (1974)_

When Sam calls Dean to tell him Andy's got the Impala, Dean responds with, "He full-on Obi-Wanned me!" This is in reference to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) and Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi knight who can use the Force to make people do as he wishes. In fact, later in the episode when Sam, Dean, and Andy are accessing records, Andy tells the guard, "These are not the droids you are looking for," another Obi-Wan reference.

Body count: 3

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Sam has a premonition of a man shooting another and committing suicide later, and they seek Ash in the Harvelle's Roadhouse. With the identification of the Blue Ridge bus of Sam's vision, Ash finds that the location is Guthrie, Oklahoma, and they believe that the paranormal Andrew Gallagher is the responsible for the murders. The Winchester brothers drive to the place and lure the locals Tracy and Webber to find Andy. They discover that the outcast Andy has the ability to control minds, but Sam is not affected by his power. When Holly Beckett soaks her clothes with gasoline in a gas station and burns herself to ashes, they realize that Andy is not the responsible for the deaths. Their further investigation discloses that Andy has a twin brother that was separated for adoption after the delivery by Holly.

"Simon Said" is one of the best episodes of the Second Season, at least so far, with Sam questioning what the demon might have planned for him and other youngsters like him. The story is engaging, with a nice character and his evil twin that has been contacted by "the man with the yellow eyes". My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Ele Disse" ("He Said")


Ever since "Nightmare" in season one, Sam's been worried about going evil. The Yellow Eyed Demon told Sam that he had plans for Sam and "all the children like him" back in "Devil's Trap" and in "Simon Said," Sam learns a little bit more about what that means. This is an important episode for the story arc this season. It introduces Andy, who will appear again. It establishes that the YED has a connection to an untold number of children like Sam, all of whom have psychic powers. Some of the kids are also dangerous, as the YED gets to them in their dreams and twists their thoughts. (It's never really said why the YED talks to some kids in their sleep for the entire time after their powers awaken, but waits until AHBL for others. If I had to guess, I'd say that he's been trying to get into all of their heads the whole time, but some of them -like Sam- have been strong enough to keep them out.) Anyway, "Simon Said," also reveals that Dean's scared for Sam. Even if he tries to hide it, he's worried about his brother's powers. All in all, you should see this episode if you're watching the show on DVD.

"Simon Said" revolves around another kid with psychic powers who might possibly be killing people. Sam gets a vision of a man entering a gun store and calmly shooting people for no reason. Sam insist that they go to the Roadhouse to get Ash's help in finding out where the guy is. Dean isn't thrilled, especially when they come up with a suspect whose mother died in a nursery fire 23 years before, just like Mary. The brothers soon track down their suspect, a guy named Andy, who has the power to control people with his voice. He just says something and they do it. Dean keeps insisting that they need to keep an open mind about Andy. But Sam is convinced that Andy's evil and that it's only a matter of time before Sam also turns evil and starts murdering people, too.

It turns out that Andy's innocent, though. He has a twin brother who he's never met and that guy's behind the killings. He's picking off the people who've kept him and Andy apart. His next victim is Andy's girlfriend. He and Andy get into a "mind control" fight. Poor Sam gets knocked out. The evil twin almost gets Dean to shoot himself. But in the end, Andy kills his brother and saves the day. Sam and Dean leave town again, but Sam still isn't reassured about all kids with powers. He's worried about what it means to him and what will happen if the powers are a precursor of evil.

There are some great parts to this episode. I really like Andy. He uses his powers to wander around town in a bathrobe, talking people out of their coffee and dodging debt collector. He just really cute. And I just have to laugh when Andy talks Dean in to giving him the Impala. Sam's expression as he sees Andy driving it down the street is priceless. And Dean's explanation that Andy "Full on Obi Wan-ed me!" cracks me up. The look of concentration on Dean's face as he tries to stop himself from agreeing to Andy's mind control is hilarious. Sam's immune so he gives Dean this mystified, "Dude, what are you DOING?" sort of look and Dean can just helplessly shrug. Dean is usual pretty resistant to supernatural-ly stuff like that so it seemed to freak them both out. And I just have to laugh at Andy's ridiculous van. The Viking queen riding the polar bear just isn't doing it for me, no matter how impressed Dean is with the design. Finally, Dean signing RAO Speedwagon just makes me laugh.

I like Dean dealing with Sam's powers in this episode. He REALLY doesn't want to tell the Roadhouse crew about Sam. He worries about what the other Hunters will do if they learn that Sammy has a connection to the Demon. Even when Sam explains everything to Ellen, Dean just sits there watching Ellen closely as if daring her to say one critical thing to his brother. And Dean himself is starting to fear for Sam. (Thanks in part to John's whispered comments back in "In My Time of Dying," which will come out in "Hunted.") Dean argues again and again that Andy couldn't have been hurting anyone. (Leading to one of my favorite Sam responses ever, "Dude, the doctor was mind-controlled in front of a bus. Andy just happens to have the power of mind-control.") But when Andy uses his mind control on Dean all of Dean's secret thoughts come pouring out. How scared he is that something evil might be growing inside of his brother. Of course, after that Dean calls for a "Do over," but Sam still hears all of Dean's fears and he continues to worry about what's happening to him. But, Dean isn't scared OF Sam. He's scared FOR Sam. Which is a distinction that I think Sam is missing.

On the down side, and this is more of a question, wouldn't there only be nursery fires if the mom interrupted the YED in his late night visit? I don't see why this is so surprising for the boys. Mary only died and there was only a fire, because something went wrong. If everything went right, which it normally would, then there'd be no trace of the YED in the house, at all. It only makes sense, right? Also, I wish Andy's girlfriend had been a little bit more understanding at the end,

My favorite part of the episode: Andy discovering that he has a brother who's been stalking him and killing people. "I have...An evil...Twin..." It just cracks me up.


Though I like this one better, It's not very different than the "Nightmare" episode. It didn't offer much new info on the story mythology. Other than knowing that there is no precise pattern to track down the psychic kids, It pretty much goes the same way.

Sam's premonitions, about strange people getting killed in a supernatural way, are getting stronger and more clear leading him to another guy "Andy" with the ability to mind control people. Sam is worried about The Yellow Eyed Daemon's plans for him and that he might go dark side. Dean is getting more worried about Sam but he still refuses to admit it to him. They go (against Dean's will) and seek Ash's help locating Andy. Mean while, The sexual tension between Jo and Dean gets more prominent, yet Dean is still pulling away. Later they discover that Andy has a twin brother who is responsible for the murders.

But what I like the most about this episode is the fact that Sam and Dean are starting to act like equals, watching out for each other. Dean is taking care of Sam, worried about him when he has his post premonition headaches, comforts him when he is worried about his fate and protects his secret from other people acting very hostile when Ellen confronts them with what she knew. On the other hand, Sam is watching over Dean protecting him from the mind control twins, keeping him away from them.

And of course, Everybody's favourite part: Dean singing REO Speed wagon. Really Dean!. The guy can really sing. But Sam do you have to be such a fun spoiler?

On the downside, I really didn't buy Weber's motives on killing those people. They seemed way too extreme even for the mentally sick person he was. Also, I don't understand why does The Yellow Eyed Daemon talk to some psychic kids but not to other's like Sam and Andy? And, Why does other psychic guys have more developed abilities than Sam?


For me, this episode is so memorable because of Dean's slapstick comedy while trying not to do what he is told via Andrew's mind control. I haven't laughed that hard since Mork and Mindy. It just seemed like everyone involved with this episode had fun doing it, and it showed.

I really enjoy the scare factor combined with the wry wit and sometimes outright hilarity. The weaving of Urban Legends with the brothers story is what hooked me and the family connection is what I really enjoy. Both Jensen and Jared do such a great job playing brothers who hunt and kill monsters to save and protect people. And I'm so in love with the '67 Chevy Impala...I wonder if it gets good gas mileage?


I have only watched season one yet and am now up to the fifth of second season. But this fifth episode "simon said" truly has been the best one so far! Humor, tension, not knowing for a while what is going on... I think it will be very exciting to see whether Andy Gallagher returns later on. All those Psykids must be getting together at some point right? Obviously the yellow eyed demon wants to congregate them for a war. I love it, it reminds me a little bit of "The Stand". Well, if I am right at all... Great stuff, will watch it again! It's really interesting to take a good guess which truth Dean is hiding from Sam, because Sam obviously already senses a risk from his connection to the Demon and his psychic powers.

And how creepy is this, to think that someone could control you with their thoughts....FOX news would use that instantly if they could get their hands on it.

Supernatural is pure entertainment. You go, guys!


I found the Supernatural episode Simon Said a good mix of humor and drama. Simon Said reminds me of the movie Scaners, which they show on Showcase all the time, without the exploding heads. Andy is a good natured person who has this Scaner ability, which can make people do his will. Asks for Dean's car and has it, and Andy's gift has no effect on Sam. Simon Said has a evil twin and Sam question what does the demon have in store for him which adds to the drama. Jo and Dean have the sexual tension/humor part were Jo plays a R E O speed wagon song that Dean keeps singing I just can keep stop loving you in the car. 9 out of 10. What will Dean and Jo have in store for next season. Great show were you will laugh, but stay glued for the ending.