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Holliston Candyman: Part 1 (2012– ) Online

Holliston Candyman: Part 1 (2012– ) Online
Original Title :
Candyman: Part 1
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Horror / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Adam Green
Cast :
Adam Green,Joe Lynch,Laura Ortiz
Writer :
Adam Green
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Holliston Candyman: Part 1 (2012– ) Online

Fanboy dreams come true when legendary genre actor Tony Todd (Candyman) does a special guest appearance on Adam and Joe's cable access show "The Movie Crypt" and then takes the boys out for a wild night on the town. Their dream come true becomes a living nightmare when the eccentric and larger than life actor moves in on their couch and turns their lives upside down. Meanwhile, Corri breaks up with Kevin.
Episode credited cast:
Adam Green Adam Green - Adam
Joe Lynch Joe Lynch - Joe
Laura Ortiz Laura Ortiz - Laura
Corri English Corri English - Corri
Dee Snider Dee Snider - Lance Rockett
Dave Brockie Dave Brockie - Oderus Urungus
Axl the Cat Axl the Cat - Axl The Cat
Tony Todd Tony Todd - Tony Todd
Nick Ballard Nick Ballard - Kevin
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sarah Elbert Sarah Elbert - Sarah the Waitress
Vincent Gavin Vincent Gavin - Boom Guy
Bill Moseley Bill Moseley - Crazy Max

This was the very first episode filmed for season one of Holliston.

In the scene where Corri and Laura drive and randomly hit pedestrians, the stunt performer on the bike accidentally shattered the windshield on the second take. The shattered glass was used for the final edit.

Tony Todd slapping Joe in the face was an unexpected ad-lib.

An alternate ending was shot for this episode that will be made available on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release of season one.

In the scene where Adam eats an entire bowl of potato chips, Adam Green really ate all of the potato chips in the numerous takes required. Having been on a strict diet for four months leading up to production, the chips were a shock to Adam's digestive system and made him sick for the next two days of shooting.

When Adam tells Lance Rockett "we're not gonna take it anymore", it is a reference to actor Dee Snider's famous Twisted Sister song "We're Not Gonna Take It" which is why Lance responds with "This joke is awkward for me... in a number of ways."

When the camera whip pans away from the set to reveal the offended boom operator, you can see director/actor Adam Green standing among the crew by the monitors behind him.

In this episode, Tony Todd is excited to watch the New England Patriots play football on TV. In real life, the Patriots are both Tony Todd and Adam Green's favorite football team.