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Animated Stories from the Bible David and Goliath (1987–2005) Online

Animated Stories from the Bible David and Goliath (1987–2005) Online
Original Title :
David and Goliath
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation
Year :
Directror :
Richard Rich
Cast :
Andrew Marshall,Aldo Billingslea,Ray Porter
Writer :
Brian Nissen
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Animated Stories from the Bible David and Goliath (1987–2005) Online

Saul, king of Israel, struggles to do as the Lord commands. Through the Prophet Samuel, the Lord commands Saul destroy the Amalekites and kill all their animals. Saul refuses to kill their animals, saying they will be offered as a sacrifice. Samuel tells the arrogant Saul that obedience is more important than sacrifice and tells Saul that for disobeying Gods's command, Saul will lose his Kingdom. Samuel visits Jesse, a shepherd with eight sons. He tells Jesse that the Lord has a need for one of them. Jesse introduces his sons including David, the youngest. God tells Samuel to anoint David as King of Israel. All are amazed at God's choice, for Saul is still the formidable king. Neither Samuel nor anyone else knows how God will work His will. The Philistines attack Israel with a new weapon - a giant named Goliath. Jesse's sons prepare for battle. Since he is too young for the battlefield, David is kept behind to tend the flocks. The Philistines offer the Israelites a challenge: single ...
Episode cast overview:
Andrew Marshall Andrew Marshall - David (voice)
Aldo Billingslea Aldo Billingslea - Goliath (voice)
Ray Porter Ray Porter - King Saul (voice)
Johnathon Toppo Johnathon Toppo - John (voice) (as John Toppo)
Kelly AuCoin Kelly AuCoin - Captain / Ozem / Kilsah (voice)
Sandy McCallum Sandy McCallum - Samuel (voice)
John Pribyl John Pribyl - Jesse (voice) (as John Pribble)
Ursula Meyer Ursula Meyer - Jesse's Wife (voice)
Kurt Bernhardt Kurt Bernhardt - Eliab (voice)
Daniel A. Keeler Daniel A. Keeler - Lord (voice)
Barry Kraft Barry Kraft - Philistine King (voice)
Kim McCallum Kim McCallum - Borash (voice)
Jamie Newcomb Jamie Newcomb - Rosh (voice)