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Roar (2009) Online

Roar (2009) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Adam Wimpenny
Cast :
Russell Tovey,Jodie Whittaker,Tom Burke
Writer :
J.S. Hill
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Roar (2009) Online

London. Christmas. Loner Tom cuts keys in a dry-cleaners. Dominated by his boss, who cracks onto female clientele, Tom tries to apologise. He rejected, he takes drastic action..
Credited cast:
Russell Tovey Russell Tovey - Tom
Jodie Whittaker Jodie Whittaker - Eva
Tom Burke Tom Burke - Mick
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Melanie Gray Melanie Gray - Pretty Skater
Victoria Wicks Victoria Wicks - Mother

User reviews

digytal soul

digytal soul

Beautifully filmed with a BRILLIANT twist.

Almost Hitchcock like in style.

Very cleverly done. Roar has the feel of a full length feature movie even though it is only 15 minutes long. A story with many layers. You pick up something new with each viewing.

The acting is superb - a haunting performance from Russell Tovey in particular.

It is set at Christmas - there a is a wonderful ice-skating scene - which makes the tale even more memorable.

Recommended - you will not stop thinking about it for weeks afterwards......!


"Roar" is a 16-minute live action short film from Britain and this one is from 2009, so as of today it is just two more years until it will have its 10th anniversary. The director is Adam Wimpenny and writer is J.S. Hill and for both it is among their more known career efforts, also because of the solid deal of awards attention this one here has received. But there is really only one reason why it has received a boost in popularity these days and this is because the biggest female role is played by Jodie Whittaker who has just been cast as the new Doctor Who, actually the first woman to play the doctor. Back to this short film here. I thought the scenes at the end inside the house are pretty tense, atmospheric and well-filmed. But almost everything before that was relatively unnecessary and did not make an impact at all in my opinion, especially the phone call that really just felt for the sake of it. So the forgettable is certainly more frequent than the memorable here and I would give this film a thumbs-down overall. It gets better in the second half (also thanks to Whittaker), but it simply isn't enough. Watch something else instead.