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The Rattlesnake (1913) Online

The Rattlesnake (1913) Online
Original Title :
The Rattlesnake
Genre :
Movie / Short / Western
Year :
Directror :
Romaine Fielding
Cast :
Romaine Fielding,Mary Ryan,Maurice Cytron
Writer :
Romaine Fielding,Emmett C. Hall
Type :
Rating :
The Rattlesnake (1913) Online

The story of a man's gratitude to a snake for saving his life: He takes the snake home to live with him and then conceives the idea of having the snake kill the man who stole his sweetheart. He places it in the other man's bed. But when the little daughter of the girl he had once loved creeps into the bed, he has a change of heart.
Cast overview:
Romaine Fielding Romaine Fielding - Tony
Mary Ryan Mary Ryan - Inez
Maurice Cytron Maurice Cytron - Jones (as Mortiz Cytron)
Jesse Robinson Jesse Robinson - John (Jack) Gordon (as Jess Robinson)
Alice Danzinger Alice Danzinger - The Child
Billie Brockwell Billie Brockwell - Tony's Mother (as Lillian Brockwell)
Gladys Brockwell Gladys Brockwell - Tony's Sister
Al Jacoby Al Jacoby - Inez's Father
Eleanor Mason Eleanor Mason - Inez's Mother
Ludwig Ilfield Ludwig Ilfield - The Surveyor

A copy of this film is held by the Library of Congress but is incomplete due to nitrate decomposition.

User reviews



There were some in the audience not wholly pleased by Romaine Fielding's production of "The Rattlesnake," by Emmet Campbell Hall, and some of its scenes do show a lack of humor, of health, of balance. Mr. Fielding is apt to lay on the horrors, but those last scenes, which also half-offended some as being raw, were worthy of high praise. It is not, for some reason, a pleasant thing to look squarely at life and pleasant art doesn't look at it either and so, since all our art is cooked, true realism always seems raw. At his best Mr. Fielding is head and shoulders above nearly all other producers we know, and he has put enough of his good work into this to make it a desirable offering. Tony's attachment for the snake didn't get over truly and the scenes that show it were kept on so long they threw the story out of focus; especially did the unforgettable but not very valuable mad scene in the ruined hut. The story was brilliantly conceived, but developed in a rather lawless way. Mary Ryan (Moritz Cytron), who was not villainous when she smiled (therefore not a good villain) and Jesse Robinson, with others, support Mr. Fielding, who plays the leading role. - The Moving Picture World, November 15, 1913