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Kami (1982) Online

Kami (1982) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Patrick Yeoh
Cast :
Sudirman Arshad,Zul Zamanhuri,Shariff Babu
Type :
Time :
1h 45min
Rating :
Kami (1982) Online

The film is about two young runaway teenagers who meet in the city after leaving their respective homes in different states. Tookoo (Sudirman) the elder of the two, who was first in the city, "adopts" Din (Zulzamri) and as their relationship develops, is both big brother and father to Din. And as the film progresses we see how Tookoo dreams of being a successful pop singer, and how he and Din survive in the city, collecting recyclable items for sale. We are touched by what these two teenagers go through in the concrete jungle of the city as they are bullied by gangs who rob them of their hard-earned money, cheated by dishonest employers who do not pay them and traumatised by over-zealous police who arrest Tookoo by mistake.
Credited cast:
Sudirman Arshad Sudirman Arshad - Tookoo / Salleh
Zul Zamanhuri Zul Zamanhuri - Din
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shariff Babu Shariff Babu - Pak Du
Ibrahim Din Ibrahim Din - Mamak
Ho Kwee Leng Ho Kwee Leng - Tookoo's mother
Azmi Mohamad Azmi Mohamad - Husin
Osman Zailani Osman Zailani - Tookoo's father

The film is unusual for its time, not following the conventional Hindustani-influenced formula that dominated Malay films of the era. It was panned by a generation of Malay film reviewers accustomed to the typical format. However, three out of four established film critics in the country voted it the best film of the year in Malaysia in 1983. The film represented Malaysia at two international film festivals. Zulzamri who played the character of Din won the Best Child Actor Award at the Malaysian National Film Festival.

User reviews



there's nothing special about this movie. it's a typical relationship between two person, and how they survive the hardship in their life.

However, the good thing about this movie is that it have nice scores, as well as the soundtrack. song entitle "pelangi petang", performed by the lead actor itself proved to have some magic attraction that this song is still played today. hope you enjoy this movie.

another thing to remember is that the composer of the songs in this movie is kassom masdor, an actor in his mid 60's then. although we can say that he is relatively old to compose this song, the result is something we won't expect, this song has become one of malaysia's evergreen song.

if you haven't had a chance to see this movie, why don't you take sometime for this. it's worth to see.