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Tie guan yin (1967) Online

Tie guan yin (1967) Online
Original Title :
Tie guan yin
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Wei Lo
Cast :
Lily Ho,Fanny Fan,Tina Chin-Fei
Writer :
Wei Shih
Type :
Time :
2h 2min
Rating :
Tie guan yin (1967) Online

A father whose daughter is killed by the Devil Girl's Gang, goes in search of justice.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lily Ho Lily Ho - Lorna, Agent 009 / Ai Szu
Fanny Fan Fanny Fan - Dolly / B1
Tina Chin-Fei Tina Chin-Fei - Dark Angels' Leader
Ching Tang Ching Tang - Tieh Hu / C7
Wei Lo Wei Lo - Chief Inspector
Hsin Yen Chao Hsin Yen Chao - Dark Angel #1
Hung Chu Li Hung Chu Li - Dark Angel #2
Pei-Shan Chang Pei-Shan Chang - A4
Mei Sheng Fan Mei Sheng Fan
Lei Cheng Lei Cheng
Kun Li Kun Li - Inspector Chen
Feng Ku Feng Ku - Dark Angel with crewcut
Wu Ma Wu Ma
Shun Tien Shun Tien - Baldhead
Hui-Hui Chen Hui-Hui Chen - Dark Angel #3

User reviews



ANGEL WITH THE IRON FISTS (1966) has all the right elements to make a good Hong Kong female-centered James Bond-style secret agent thriller, but it's never as entertaining as it should be. There are beautiful women, sexy costumes, car chases, martial arts fights, spacious villain headquarters, hidden gadgets and all sorts of spy film trappings. But the direction (by Lo Wei) is so restrained that nothing ever jells. Everything is too polite and the pace is too slow. It's as if the Shaw Bros. studio had spent all this money on lavish sets and fashionable costumes and then decided it didn't want to get them dirty, so they didn't allow the actors to play rough. There are quite a few fight scenes in places like nightclubs, hotel rooms, a beauty salon and the villain's HQ, but they're so ineptly done and the lead actors so unconvincing as action stars, that one simply wants to pop this DVD out and put in a kung fu movie.

The plot involves a high-tech gang of thieves, a legit jeweler (Tang Ching) caught up in their racket, and a female jewel buyer who's actually a police agent, but we don't really get a handle on what's happening until the one-hour mark, when Luo Na (aka Agent 009, played by Lily Ho) is assigned to infiltrate the Dark Angels gang and get the goods on them. The Dark Angels are housed in a massive underground complex and led by an attractive female boss who wears a white suit and gold high-heeled boots and demands complete loyalty. She has an army of female bodyguards in sexy outfits and gun belts. Agent 009 enters the lair armed with a purse full of gadgets including a bottle of perfume that doubles as a "tranquilizer." Much of the film clearly takes its cues from the James Bond series, which was up to number 4 by the time this film was produced, and draws on all four for inspiration (DR. NO, FROM Russia WITH LOVE, GOLDFINGER, and THUNDERBALL), going so far as to recreate certain scenes quite closely. There are even some actual James Bond music cues sprinkled throughout the awkward soundtrack.

The lead actress, Lily Ho, is quite beautiful and parades a steady stream of tasteful, eye-catching fashions. She plays a sophisticated woman of the world and models a swimsuit in one scene and has mild love scenes with leading man Tang Ching, who was 42 at the time. None of this would seem remarkable but for the fact that Lily Ho's birth year, according to the biographical notes provided on the DVD, was 1952, making her barely 14 at the time of production! (See Addendum below.)

It's interesting to see so many Shaw Bros. actors normally associated with period kung fu films wearing modern dress and playing non-kung fu roles. Ku Feng, normally one of the studio's most formidable villains, even gets punched out by young Lily at one point. Also on hand are Han Ying Chieh, Fan Mei-Sheng, Cheng Kang Yeh, Wu Ma and Cheng Lei.

The film is nice to look at, with its gaudy set design and polished cinematography, both in- and out-of-doors, but it needed more of an exploitation edge. Everything should have been a little faster, rougher, sexier and over the top. As it stands, it's an interesting little curio, but it doesn't give Hong Kong Bond imitations a good name.

ADDENDUM (October 6, 2007) Re: Lily Ho's age. Later Shaw Bros. DVDs featuring Lily Ho as the star have updated the birth year given in Lily's biographical info to 1946, which sounds more plausible, so she would have been 19 or 20 when this film was made, not 14(!).


This Asian attempt at a female James Bond does not quite live up to its promise. Compared to most of the European, and many of the American as well, Bond imitators of its era it looks slicker and considerably more expensive; it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say that it looks almost as good as the authentic Bond films of its era, like "You Only Live Twice". Lily Ho is a good choice for the leading role (as is Tina Chin Fei for the role of the head villainess), and there are lots of neat little gadgets. But the action is so sparse that the film is often tedious, even a chore to sit through, especially during its first hour. There are periodic jolts of energy, like a wild martial arts catfight or a brawl in a beauty salon, but on the whole this film is rather uneventful. ** out of 4.