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Family Guy Fresh Heir (1999– ) Online

Family Guy Fresh Heir (1999– ) Online
Original Title :
Fresh Heir
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Mike Kim,Dominic Bianchi
Cast :
Seth MacFarlane,Alex Borstein,Seth Green
Writer :
Seth MacFarlane,Seth MacFarlane
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Family Guy Fresh Heir (1999– ) Online

When Chris is made the sole future heir to Carter's fortune after caring for him, Peter takes drastic measures to keep the wealth within his reach - by marrying Chris.
Episode cast overview:
Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane - Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Stewie Griffin / Carter Pewterschmidt (voice)
Alex Borstein Alex Borstein - Lois Griffin / Barbara Pewterschmidt (voice)
Seth Green Seth Green - Chris Griffin / Dance Choreographer (voice)
Mila Kunis Mila Kunis - Meg Griffin (voice)
Mike Henry Mike Henry - (voice)
Steve Callaghan Steve Callaghan - Guy #2 (voice)
Chris Cox Chris Cox - Ben Fishman (voice)
Ralph Garman Ralph Garman - (voice)
Scott Grimes Scott Grimes - Kevin Swanson (voice)
Patrick Meighan Patrick Meighan - (voice)
Chris Sheridan Chris Sheridan - (voice)
Danny Smith Danny Smith - (voice)
Alec Sulkin Alec Sulkin - (voice)
John Viener John Viener - (voice)
Patrick Warburton Patrick Warburton - Joe Swanson (voice)

This episode contains several references to incest within the Griffin family. The idea of a father and son marrying came from a comment once made by Jeremy Irons when questioning issues surrounding gay marriage.

The picture hanging in Chris's room is of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon".

User reviews



It is family guy, you get what you get. If any of y'all are surprised at this point, you should go back to watching the Simpsons.


Fresh Heir. The worst Family Guy episode ever. No joke. After Seahorse Seashell Party which basically convinced abused viewers to stay in an abusive relationship for the abuser's benefit, I didn't think an episode can do anything worse. And I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. After Carter breaks his leg fooling around on an escalator, he needs someone to look after him. His wife, Barbara can't take care of him, due to the fact she's doing photos for a veins fetish magazine. And we get to see her grotesque veins in all of it's disturbing glory! Lois convinces Chris to look after him. Doesn't look that bad yet, but this is only the beginning. Chris goes over to his grandfather's house. Carter laments not being able to engage in sexual intercourse, when Chris says "Let me show you something". In the next shot, it is revealed that Chris taught Carter HOW TO MASTURBADE. Yes, the writers do expect you to find it funny. But it gets worse. Next, Carter says, "Cool, hey next time, I want to try it with my hand!" CHRIS GAVE HIS GRANDFATHER A HAND JOB. How is this in anyway supposed to be funny? INCEST IN NOT FUNNY. After a few cliché jokes, Carter wants to pay Chris for showing him a good time. However, Chris doesn't except the money because he enjoyed it. We then get a vagina joke with Chris rubbing his finger between his elbow as he and Carter cackle like immature elementary school kids. We later found out that Carter made Chris the sole heir to his fortune. The other family members are in disbelief, especially Peter. We then get a joke about Peter's "hairless twin." Once again, the writers think that shoving disturbing material into the viewers face will automatically get a laugh. Later on, in the bed, Peter is jealous about Chris getting all of the inheiritance. Then we get a pointless cutaway gag of Peter holding bloody testicles, and when Lois asks him where he got them from, he loudly sobs, "I DON'T REMEMBER!!!" I shouldn't even bother explaining why this doesn't work. It fails in the same way most Family Guy jokes fail. If I state why it doesn't work, I'll be saying the same thing I said earlier about the masturbation and hairless twin jokes. You'd think after a million times, they'd get it. But no. Anyway, Peter attempts to butter up Chris, firstly by dressing like him, giving him the bloody head of a bully from him, but Peter gets the wrong head, and gives him the head of a deaf kid. That's another problem with Family Guy as a whole. It constantly reminds us that Peter is a jerk, which is his only important characteristic. Since Brian Griffin is my least favorite character, Peter comes in a close second. Then Peter is straightening Chris's bed, when Meg comes in out of nowhere wearing a bath towel saying "Chris, our bath is ready". Once again, a joke that fails in the same vein as the earlier ones. Then while with Quagmire and Joe at the bar, Peter gets an extremely stupid idea: Marry Chris for the inheiritance. He proposes to Chris during the night. Chris asks Peter if it is even legal, and Peter says "It is in Vermont! As long as it's a man and a man, anything goes up there." And Chris wonders about Lois, and it is revealed that Peter tricked Lois into signing divorce papers while she was half asleep. Chris accepts. The two begin their drive to Vermont, and we get a joke about Joe wanting to marry his son. In the car, Peter tells Chris about his sexual history. Then we get a joke about Peter being a pedophile, staring at a kid's butt as he walks. Then we get redundant jokes that tell us what we already know. Peter is trying to marry his son. At last it is the wedding scene. Peter reads a Robert Frost quote, and states "Now, I ain't no scholar, but if that's not a metaphor for major-league butt stuff, I don't know what is." Yes. Peter Griffin has now referenced the desire to engage in sexual intercourse with his son. Then Lois and the other family members, crash the wedding. She tries to stop Chris from marrying Peter, but he WANTS to do it, in spite of knowing that Peter only wants to marry him for his money, but goes through with it to spend more time with Peter. So, this episode is basically saying that you can marry your family member just to spend more time with them. And the writers think this is OK, and don't see it as a problem. Chris, why would you want to go through with this knowing how shallow Peter is? Why? Peter calls off the wedding and states "I guess I learned it's wrong to take your son to Vermont under false pretenses to try and marry him for his inheiritance. Something that would come natural to most people. The biggest problem with this episode is that it tries to make incest look funny. It's not. Incest is something that can never be funny, no matter the situation. I am just so disgusted with this episode.


If you think that Life of Brian or Herpe, the love of sore are the worst of the season, you haven't checked the episode Fresh heir.

The episode is about that Peter wants to marry his son Chris because Carter will give his fortune to him.

This episode is HORRIBLE! none of this is funny, every joke is unfunny

The episode is disturbing, the plot is disturbing, the animation is disturbing (When they do gore) and of course THE ENTIRE EPISODE IS NOTHING BUT DISTURBING!

Never look at this episode, you will never forget the atrocious things you saw

And of course, the worst episode of season 12 and maybe the 2nd worst episode of the entire series


Some other reviewers seem to really hate this episode with a passion, but I don't really understand why. To me, the funniest content in this episode was also the most disturbing content, and I enjoyed seeing such awful and taboo things be portrayed in a darkly humorous, yet still really gross and unnerving light. However, all of the other jokes not revolving around these disturbing themes of incest and statutory rape and murder and all that are just kind of bland, making a huge chunk of this episode nothing short of mediocre. Some people might just not be able to handle the sheer atrociousness of a few of the themes presented here, but I found it to be quite amusing and impressive how they present these topics with a sardonic grin. However, most of the jokes kind of fall flat because they simply aren't very funny and are occasionally flat out stupid. It's an episode worth watching if you have a dark enough sense of humor, but be warned that whenever it strays away from the edgier, more bleak material it is kind of boring and occasionally just stupid.


Wow this Episode Of Family Guy is Bad Fresh Heir is one of the most unfunny pieces of Garbage that was ever made. The Plot of the Episode is that peter wants to marry Chris because Cater Give all of his fortune to Chris. We get a Dumb Joke about Peter's Hairless Twin & him ripping out his testicles. Peter Take Chris to Vermont to get ready for their wedding & their also a joke about Meg & Chris taking a bath together which was disturbing and Joe & Kevin wanting to get Married too. Anyway This episode is such Garbage it isn't funny at all and it's just Dumb. I give this Episode a zero for being Garbage. Anyway I'm GravityFalls2 and a nice day. Peace Updated on 10/7/2017