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Defcon 2012 (2010) Online

Defcon 2012 (2010) Online
Original Title :
Defcon 2012
Genre :
Movie / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
R. Christian Anderson
Cast :
Shy Pilgreen,Dan Gruenberg,Brian Neil Hoff
Writer :
Brian Neil Hoff
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
Defcon 2012 (2010) Online

On October 30, 2009 an independent filmmaker and his cast and crew are reported missing a month before the release of their controversial film predicting the end of the world. Authorities have reason to believe the film's 2012 doomsday scenario may have something to do with their disappearance. An agent for CEA (Central Extraterrestrial Agency) discovers the footage to the film and watches the film on September 10, 2012, three months before the world is to come to an end. The film is reported to star actors Brian Neil Hoff (Automaton), Shy Pilgreen (Echo 6), and Xu Razer (Fragments.) Here is the synopsis to the mystery film. In 2012 a devastating war between humans and aliens left the earth a nuclear wasteland. 200 years later the descendants of both civilizations have returned in search of treasure and lost artifacts. After landing their ship on the abandoned planet, three galactic thieves, Kaynin, Rune, and Archer descend into an underground city. Soon a series of mechanical ...
Cast overview:
Shy Pilgreen Shy Pilgreen - E-San
Dan Gruenberg Dan Gruenberg - Tak (as Danny Gruenberg)
Brian Neil Hoff Brian Neil Hoff - Kaynin
Thema Johannsen Thema Johannsen - Axton
Justin Brusca Justin Brusca - Archer
Ryken Zane Ryken Zane - Vulkl

(November, 2014) A DVD copy of "Defcon 2012" was posted on ebay.com for a whopping $18,051.31. That same week, another seller was offering a copy for $11,500.30.

The producer Brian Neil Hoff, was able to obtain permission to film in a closed-down shopping mall which lay boarded up for over 12 years and was considered haunted in the community. As of 2014 the mall has since been torn down to make way for a new shopping and entertainment area of Palm Springs. Filming had to be halted several times because rats were screeching so loudly, their sounds were picked by the microphones. So large was the old mall, that at one point a police SWAT team was using the space to train their officers at the same time some scenes were being shot.

R. Christian Anderson's feature film directorial debut which won "Best Science-Fiction Feature Film" at the "New York International Independent Film Festival".

Shy Pilgreen's character's name is "E-San", which in Japanese means "heritage".

When the final edit of the film totaled only 79 minutes, producers decided to have a "wrap around" story written of an independent filmmaker who disappears with his cast and crew to lengthen the film. Because the director, R. Christian Anderson, was no longer available, the executive producer, Carolina Liechtenstein, stepped in to direct a new opening segment, bringing the theatrical release to 92 minutes.

The "tunnels" of downtown Houston were part of the inspiration for the underground city seen in "Defcon 2012". Spray painted on the walls are words such as "Houston", "Katy", and "3rd Coast", all references to the Texas city.

An alien written language was designed and created especially for this film by producer Brian Neil Hoff.

For the character of "Rune", visual effects artist Jason Doucette was hired to create an animated cyborg head. Jason spent over 8 months rotoscoping the head over the actor's movements in 48 scenes of the film. The work was long and tedious working frame-by-frame, while compensating for changes in angle, orientation, and lighting.

The spaceships seen in "Defcon 2012" were designed by master animation artist Frank Panucci. One such ship has landing skis instead of wheels, which were the idea of director R. Christian Anderson to show a soft landing on the planet's sandy surface. Panucci incorporated this into his design. The detailed surface of the post-apocalyptic planet was also created by Panucci, who gave it an otherworldly appearance complete with wind and texture.

"Defcon 2012" contains a number of clues in the dialog and in the visuals to explain the Mayan calendar prediction, much of it numerical. It's also the only film on the subject which does not center around a natural disaster, but rather an extra-terrestrial involvement.

In March, 2012, "Defcon 2012" was released in the UK in a boxed set entitled "The 2012 Apocalyptic Collection". The boxed set also includes the films "2012 Doomsday" and "2012 Ice Age". It was retitled "2012 Armageddon" for both the set and the single-movie release.

In its international release, "Defcon 2012" has been translated into more than 11 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Italian.

(April 16, 2012) Released in Germany on Blu-Ray, as well as DVD format. It was rated "Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren (FSK 16) for ages 16 and older".

The working title of the project was "Dark Krug" by screenwriter Brian Neil Hoff. The title suggested by director R. Christian Anderson was "Starlifters".

User reviews



Only watch this movie if you have absolutely no standards at all. Actually, not even then. Hands down the worst movie ever!!! I seriously don't care how small the budget was. The plot was dumb, the actors were horrible, and what's with the CGI helmet on that "alien thing"?? Normally I would just laug hbut, for some reason this movie just made me angry!.How about changing the set a little huh? shoot the entire movie in an abandoned shopping mall? I seriously can't believe how awful this movie is. The main character??? I don't even have the time to go there. DO NOT WATCH!! I am sorry to be so negative but, I took it as an insult that someone would actually make such a piece of garbage and try to get people to waste their time watching it. Yikes!!!!


Three out of ten possible stars is more than enough for this movie. Taking into account the budget of just $35.000 this movie isn't as bad as could have been. The movie starts off with a man in black suite and the audio of several newscasts made with a commonly used voice-synthesizer. The scenes give a sense of mystery to the viewer (which i really liked), however the artificial voices are ruining that feeling. I simply can't understand why Carolina Liechtenstein resorted to voice-synthesizers for that part. It is a major put off. The sound quality, the decors, the acting is as can be expected with such a low budget. Mediocre at best but worse most of the time. Worst of all, the sequence of events is so sssslllllllooooooooooowwwww! Frankly, a snail dipped in super glue goes around in an Olympic pace compared to the 'action' in this movie. I was forced to use the fast-forward button more than once. During most of the movie i kept on asking myself "What the heck is this movie about?" and at the end i still have to guess what it was about. Perhaps i need to see it twice or three times to comprehend it completely but that prospect doesn't really appeal to me. Still, it's much better than Aliens vs Avatars. The special effects are occasionally reasonably good (the CAD/CAM for instance) considering the budget. Summorizing: It's not a movie i would recommend to anyone, not even SF fans.


Best thing about movie The cover picture That is where they spent the money


The film opens with 8 minutes of news reports while showing us the credits. It then goes into a lengthy first person narration one that persists throughout the film. It seems the earth was destroyed in 2012 due to aliens that took some people captive as miners. One guy escapes and becomes a scavenger, visiting different planets for artifacts and things of value. That would indeed be a good film if they actually did it, and didn't read it to us. He is now on earth looking for something and uncovers a government secret.

The film is awful and most of you won't make it past 10 minutes. The sound is choppy and CG effects bad. I kept waiting for all the narration to end and the film to actually start. But when I saw how bad the acting was, I was now wishing they would simply narrate.

The good news is this stinker is worth 2 punches on a hackers card, normally reserved for bad films over 2 hour long.

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity, but you just feel violated after you watch it
Mitars Riders

Mitars Riders

Have just watched this move for a second time, forgotten what it was like.

I could see what the director was after, but only after I had read the sleeve notes and the directors notes on this page, then it made some sense. But with such a low budget he could not pull it off.

Also with no sub titles Had great difficulty following speech , always do hearing shot, however others agree the back ground music (?) is very intrusive.

Agree with the person who said that this is a slow move, but he had to fill the time some how, and then they still had to add the opening sequence to take it up to a move length.

Overall I feel that if this story had a couple of additional writers to help and a bigger budget it could be a very good movie, the basics are all there.

Still only 1/10


DEFCON 2012 is a very cool sci-fi film that goes deep into the end of the world theories and beyond. Kaynin, Archer and Rune are galactic scavengers who travel between planets seeking out treasure and lost artifacts or anything they can find to survive on. Their spacecraft lands on E541, a planet once know as Earth. Kaynin is a jaded scavenger who has lost hope for humanity and feels he has no family. Each planet feels more and more like a wasteland providing nothing to inspire him to go beyond his scavenger ways. Rune, who is part robot and part human seems to have each mission under control while Archer is reckless and could find himself in harms way forcing Kaynin to worry about both of them. Soon after discovering the empty underground structure they have been wondering is empty they run into Axton and Tak, a couple of telepathic warriors from a human resistant group. They join forces with Kaynin, Archer and Rune and soon find they're not alone in the underground city. Another darker figure known as Vulkl stalks them as they search for treasure and lost artifacts. They soon run into E-San, who is one the survivors for the planet and lives with a large family in an underground world known as Shelter City. She guides through the labyrinth of the underground world and as they search for the clues that once destroyed the planet. Each clue seem to draw the characters deeper into a maze of government conspiracies and Mayan mythology. It's a much deeper story then what is in the actual film and is the type of movie you might need to watch a few times to truly understand what makes it so unique and mysterious. This film is none conventional in so many ways and daringly breaks all of the rules of filmmaking to tell an interesting story with an even deeper message. If your paying attention you might be entertained and left with real questions about the end of the world and what that really means.