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Out West (2013) Online

Out West (2013) Online
Original Title :
Out West
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Western
Year :
Directror :
Lee Brownstein
Cast :
Jennifer Elise Cox,Sean Astin,Beth Grant
Writer :
Lee Brownstein,Lee Brownstein
Type :
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Out West (2013) Online

Celebutante Prissy Alcott leaves her luxe Reno life behind for her childhood home in Colorado when she learns that her family has gone broke and is selling their ranch. She tries to reboot the family enterprise as a dude ranch with the help of her three gay friends.
Credited cast:
Jennifer Elise Cox Jennifer Elise Cox - Prissy Alcott
Sean Astin Sean Astin - Cal Calhoun
Beth Grant Beth Grant - Tiffany Alcott
Ray Wise Ray Wise - Phillip Alcott
Daniel Baldwin Daniel Baldwin - Gordo
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Carla Jo Bailey Carla Jo Bailey - Bonnie Calhoun
Paul Bartholomew Paul Bartholomew - Charles Wheating
Sarah Blevins Sarah Blevins - Candy
Jack Conley Jack Conley - DRAB Agent
Guinn Terry Davis Guinn Terry Davis - Cowboy
Luke Davis Luke Davis - Young Buck Wildstone
William Echeverri William Echeverri - Audience Member
Nick Jaine Nick Jaine - Slimy Guy
Lyle Kanouse Lyle Kanouse - Rodeo Judge
Tannia Kustka Tannia Kustka - Ines

User reviews



Jennifer Elise Cox is one of the most underestimated comedic talents of the last twenty years. How she got caught up not only starring in but producing this dreadful film is a mystery.

Cox stars as Prissy, a country girl turned slutty party trash in Reno who has to head home when her family goes broke and decides to sell her family ranch. Right here is where we encounter the first and biggest problem with this film. Cox was was in her mid 40's when this film was made, making her far too long in the tooth to play the slutty, bimbo party girl. It's a character she has played before, but here she crosses the line into crazy-town, and there isn't a single second of Prissy that feels genuine.

Prissy's sluttin' it up in Reno when she gets the call that her family's oil has dried up and they're broke. She goes into a complete downward spiral, and enlists the help of her former fiancé Charles, who she never realized left her because he's gay.

Charles rolls in with his two gay besties, Prissy finally realizes why he left her, and they all pitch in to save the ranch by turning it into a hot destination for the wealthy from the West Coast. It's a tired plot that's been done to death, but here it's done particularly badly. From the "fainting goats" who pass out at loud noises (in some of the worst CGI you'll ever see,) to her rival Bonnie, who is somehow played more insanely and less believably than even Prissy, the entire thing is painful to witness.

If jokes like Charles telling Prissy to "Stop fartin' around!" followed immediately by Prissy crapping herself and saying "It's dripping to my feet... gross.." are your idea of a good time, definitely tune into this one.

To make matters worse, everything looks incredibly cheap. The "Alcott Ranch" sign on the bar has clearly just been tacked up over whatever existing sign for the real ranch was already there. People are wearing wigs that seem like they were found at a thrift store. All of which would be fine if the movie was actually funny. When the big "launch" of the new ranch happens, it looks like they decorated with a $50 gift card from Hobby Lobby. Also I don't know what "Pommery" is or how much they paid for their sponsorship, but it's so obviously featured that it's embarrassing.

By the time you find out the big reveal of how Prissy paid for the big renovation and remodel, you'll be left flabbergasted that anyone would buy this convoluted plot.

Truly, everyone in this film is incredibly talented, so it's a shame such terrible writing lead to it being the clunker that it is.


It's almost impossible to describe this film, although a few others have tried. All that you might say is, imagine everything that could be wrong with a movie. Start with an impossibly inept script. Add direction that adds no direction. Then pile on incredibly cheap scenery and props. Maybe throw in some extraordinarily bad jokes. Make sure the actors are all in ill-fitting costumes. The sound quality should be bad. Don't hire a film editor. Make sure that there's no continuity. Then to top it off, add a number of good actors who have strong credits to their name, so as to confuse viewers into thinking, this might be a good movie. Don't be fooled. It is quite possibly the worst movie you will ever see.