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Sex Starved (1988) Online

Sex Starved (1988) Online
Original Title :
Sex Starved
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Directror :
Joseph W. Sarno
Cast :
Porsche Lynn,Christine Robbins,Bunny Bleu
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 37min
Rating :
Sex Starved (1988) Online

Cast overview:
Porsche Lynn Porsche Lynn - Vera Venderloo
Christine Robbins Christine Robbins - Judith Wallace (as Christie Robbins)
Bunny Bleu Bunny Bleu - Lorraine
Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy - The Kissing Bandit
Eric Dylan Eric Dylan - George
Rocky Dilorenzo Rocky Dilorenzo - Lt. Thomas Armstrong (as Rocky DiLorenzo)

User reviews



On her list of credits, it would appear as if the talented '80s/'90s porn star Porsche Lynn was lucky to work with the lionized director Joe Sarno, yielding SEX STARVED. Alas, she hooked up with him at the absolute nadir of his career, with unfortunate results.

Recently unearthed from obscurity by Alpha Blue Archives, this video has all the trappings of a Sarno '80s junker: canned soundtrack, reused for dozens of his videos, poor casting, claustrophobic cheapie sets, and mechanical porn action.

This time we have two bedroom sets (and that's all there is, plus the obligatory NYC street for transition shots), looking freshly painted and in need of set decoration. Flimsy plot has a dangerous "Kissing Bandit" preying on NYC women, in the form of a disinterested Ron Jeremy, introduced posing as a "window repairman" (you see, he fixes up the windows, so he can sneak in, nudge/nudge).

Porsche is Vera Venderloo, a vengeful vigilante who's out to catch the dastardly Jeremy. That exhausts the plot element of our program, with six-person cast merely paired off with each other to fill an overlong dose of XXX footage.

The main difference between this and others of his '80s output is less emphasis on closeups, including the gynecological variety -maybe Joe delegated the direction to one of his underlings like a.d./pr. mgr. Tasha Voux. Casting was also deficient, as in long-shots the three leading ladies Porsche, pre-op Bunny Bleu (bearing normal size breasts) and tall Christie Robbins, are interchangeable blondes, offering zero variety. Of the male contingent, muscular Rocky DiLorenzo is new to the troupe, but completely untalented.

Same exact cast of six performers appear in the even more obscure 21 HUMP STREET, yet another undiscovered Sarno junker.

Porsche tries, wearing red outfits & undies, plus a black cape, but like the rest of the cast has trouble reciting her dialog, with many pauses as they try and collect their thoughts left in the final print as longueurs. Bleu, usually a favorite of mine, is unimpressive here, and Christie is merely eye-candy. Jeremy has a gimmick of somersaulting his way onto the set (they couldn't afford a window for him to climb into), done awkwardly to provide the only (unintentional) laughs.

Film ends with a thud, as an extraneous sex scene of Christie and Eric Dylan ends right at its beginning and we're informed that Vera and the bandit have moved on to Chicago to continue their comic book duel.