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Wild Card (2015) Online

Wild Card (2015) Online
Original Title :
Wild Card
Genre :
Movie / Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Simon West
Cast :
Jason Statham,Michael Angarano,Dominik García-Lorido
Writer :
William Goldman,William Goldman
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :

When a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal skills and a gambling problem gets in trouble with the mob, he has one last play...and it's all or nothing.

Wild Card (2015) Online

Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal professional skills and a personal gambling problem. When a friend is beaten by a sadistic thug, Nick strikes back, only to find out the thug is the son of a powerful mob boss. Suddenly Nick is plunged into the criminal underworld, chased by enforcers and wanted by the mob. Having raised the stakes, Nick has one last play to change his fortunes...and this time, it's all or nothing.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jason Statham Jason Statham - Nick Wild
Michael Angarano Michael Angarano - Cyrus Kinnick
Dominik García-Lorido Dominik García-Lorido - Holly
Hope Davis Hope Davis - Cassandra
Milo Ventimiglia Milo Ventimiglia - Danny DeMarco
Max Casella Max Casella - Osgood
Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci - Baby
Sofía Vergara Sofía Vergara - DD
Jason Alexander Jason Alexander - Pinky
Anne Heche Anne Heche - Roxy
Chris Browning Chris Browning - Tiel
Matthew Willig Matthew Willig - Kinlaw
François Vincentelli François Vincentelli - Benny
Davenia McFadden Davenia McFadden - Millicent (as Daviena McFadden)
Michael Papajohn Michael Papajohn - Pit Boss

To stay lean for this role, Jason Statham consumed a diet of just spinach and brown rice.

This is a remake of the Burt Reynolds crime drama film Heat (1986).

Director Simon West said that Jason Statham developed the project himself "maybe over five years".

Nick drives a 1969 Ford Torino GT

The first film based upon a William Goldman screenplay in eleven years.

This is Jason Statham's third collaboration with director Simon West. They previously worked together on "The Mechanic" (2011) and "The Expendables 2" (2012).

At one point, Brian De Palma was slated to direct until Simon West replaced him.

This is a remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds movie "Heat". Statham and Reynolds co-starred together in the 2007 movie "In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale".

This is a remake of the Burt Reynolds movie "Heat". Statham has Reynolds' role. Coincidentally, Statham and Reynolds starred together in the movie "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" (2007).

Darcy Allen, the Hotshot Blackjack Dealer, worked as a blackjack dealer in Canada while attending University. Wanting to take a break from University, he traveled to Las Vegas and applied to work at the Golden Gate casino in the 1980's, but was kicked out of the casino because he wasn't of legal gambling age.

User reviews



When i saw the users review i lost my interest in the movie. But because of the fact that Jason Statham plays in it, i gave the movie a chance.

In all honesty this movie has no story whatsoever. It's just a multiple occurrences of different things happening, following Jason Statham's character. It's like the writers managed to create the script for this movie in a couple hours. And that's why it got a lower rating...

The movie is enjoyable because of the fight scenes portrait in it. Jason Statham shows some real lethal skills and that's why i loved the movie.

Watch this movie without any expectation. But do expect some sick skills from Jason Statham, when fighting.

It's sad that someone like Jason Statham, so talented accepts roles in movies like this. A star like him should be doing something bigger than this. Even seeing Jason in a movie like The raid, would be better than movies like this (wild card).

I gave it a 6/10 because i enjoyed it, only because of the fight scenes.


What works : 1. Jason Statham : Intense Performance 2. Good...no excellent and innovative fights, great action

What doesn't : 1. Plot - They seem to have lost focus on the plot. Could have been so much better, intense, interesting. 2. Unrealistic - The movement of cash, comes goes comes again and how! You have to watch to and even then you wont believe it. 3. Not enough development/space for any other character. 4. Sophia Vergara had a guest appearance.Barely 5 minutes. Seriously guys! How could you?

Overall, for Statham fan or action move fans. Decide what you are looking for before you decide to go.


Hm, some times it is hard to understand why movies get such bad reviews and low ratings. OK, it is not that action filled, and the plot may not be the most original (what plot is anyway?), but I really enjoyed this movie.

Jason Statham makes one of his best performances here, I have to say. He doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything, but I really liked him. Another reviewer compared this movie to "The Equalizer", and it does share some similarities. I liked this one better, tho.

This is a Statham flick, so we are expecting some action, right? Well, the action scenes are few, and rather far apart, but when they come, they hit you like a ton of Statham-fists right in your face! Damn! And no wonder, the incredible Corey Yuen is the friggin' action choreographer! Corey Yuen, co-director of The Transporter, director of several Jet Li-movies, also fighting choreographer on (among about a billion other movies) my favorite fighting movie ever: Kiss of the Dragon. Great to see him back working with Statham, the fight-scenes are really just very, very cool.. Brutal, hard hitting. Just awesome. I had to re-watch the longest one like, three times immediately after the credits rolled.

Go into this expecting an easily digestible thriller/drama with a couple, two, three great action/fight sequences and you are golden!
great ant

great ant

Great movie. Admittedly, I'm a big Jason Statham fan, since he's about the only action star worth watching anymore, but what makes this work is the director doesn't ask too much of him. No big demands on his acting, just let him be himself and show off his martial arts skills -- which, after all, is what we watch him for.

Statham plays a compulsive gambler who earns his living in Las Vegas by providing his unique services to people who need help. When a prostitute gets beat up by a "made" man, he sets out to act as a go-between in order to seek compensation. Complications ensue and he has to fight his way out of trouble.

You might complain that the action doesn't really rev up until the last thirty minutes or so and the ending is kind of a cop out, but what does it matter? It's great to see Statham doing what he does best. Jason, take some advice: you're not much of an actor. Accept it and stick to scripts like this that recognize your limitations and work around them.


The low ratings and reviews for this film severely lowered my expectations but I watched it anyway as I'm a fan of Jason Statham. This film is nothing special but it's certainly not his worst film in my opinion. If you like Statham you will probably like this film, he plays the same character in every film doesn't he?

The storyline is very basic, most of the film is just following Statham's character around Vegas as he seeks out a bit of revenge for an old friend. Although the action scenes were few and far between, when they arrived they were phenomenal.

The film had a great soundtrack which I felt worked really well with the slow motion effects during the fight scenes. Jason Statham is beating up loads of dudes in over the top ways and White Christmas is playing in the background, I couldn't help but laugh, it was so brutal and funny I was in awe. The torture scene was pretty grim to watch though. I even went back at the end and watched the fight scenes again they were so good.

The cast give reasonable performances and all in all its not a bad film at all. It wasn't a film stretched out to over 2 hours so it managed to stay entertaining without becoming tedious. I feel it will always be rated pretty low on here though because the action scenes aren't a constant and there isn't much ambition with the story. Probably one just for Statham fans. Overall I enjoyed it despite it having some flaws.



Nick is a) good-hearted and b) brutally skillful, although we don't find that out until later. He gets along by doing personal security-based odd jobs in Las Vegas, being engaged as bodyguard/company by a scared young software millionaire. This is interrupted by the fact that a showgirl ex-girlfriend has been sadistically beaten by a young mobster, and she is looking for retribution.

Jason Statham plays Nick in this film, self-scripted by William Goldman from his novel Heat, previously filmed in 1986 with Burt Reynolds. I must have seen that version, but I have no memory of it and, on the basis of Wild Card, I can understand why.

There are a number of moments in this film which are quite good. But a film is more than a number of moments, and Wild Card isn't. Narratively, it's a mess. There are three main threads - the scared young millionaire, the sadistic mobster, and Nick's own gambling/seeking to leave Vegas. These threads demand to be interwoven, but they are linked so ineffectively that they end up as isolated elements of Nick's life (reflected in the fact that various well-known cast members turn up to deliver half a dozen lines then disappear). If the film had thrown in Nick's trumpet lessons and a telephone call to his aunt in Hastings, they would have seemed no more disconnected from each other.

So this is OK, but it really could have done with something much stronger as a story.


It had been over a year since Jason Statham released a solo film. Which feels like a long time considering he comes out with about 5 films a year. Being a fan of his films, I was looking forward to sitting back on a Friday night and enjoying watching Statham do what he does best and thats kick ass. I was disappointed because the movie didn't really deliver on what I had expected. I do like his non pure action films like Snatch, Lock Stock, Bank Job, Redemption, but this film doesn't have anything to stand out in terms of story or action. The cast also looked promising and acting from Statham isn't bad either but doesn't save it from being just plain old boring and average. Overall,ranks as one of his average/mediocre movies like Chaos and Killer Elite. although the first half of the movie has promise and admitingly has some good fight scenes. It falls off by the middle and by the end doesn't hold your interest and isn't a satisfying action film or drama. If your a fan of his films and are looking for action, you'd be better off watching Safe, Expendables I/II, Transporter,Crank Homefront or many of his other better movies.



...If you can make it to the last 1/2 hour, then it gets good. I'm a Statham fan, so had to see it. It's a little slow, but it was worth watching. Not too many fight scenes, but when they happen, they're good! Kinda 'The Gambler' meets 'The Equalizer' movie. Milo Ventimiglia best known from Heroes as Peter Petrelli does a great job as the bad guy in this film. Wish he had more roles in mainstream movies. Not a huge blockbuster but worth the watch if you can wait until the story gets going. I cant think of much more to write but i have to have ten lines to submit my review so here they are. ( i think short reviews will get better responses. It was great; it was bad, don't see it, etc..) Why do we need such a long review? I myself don't like to read long reviews, just tell me if the movie was good or not!


Most people I've asked have a love - hate relationship with this movie.

"It is a good movie but it is not a JS level type of movie". So when I've decided to finally see it, my expectations were rather low.

Yet, this proved to be an amazing movie, maybe one of his best. Yes, it doesn't have the humor of Crank and he fights far less in this one, compared to his others. But it is a comedy with dark undertones and a moral in the story.

It is … different. I can't say that it will leave you thinking for days … or hours … or even minutes … but it is not mindless action as some of his previous movies were.

So yes, it is a fast paced action movie that is worth watching.


The trailer for Wild Card is very misleading, the film is not just a revenge movie staring Martial Art expert, ass-kicking, lethal weapon Jason Statham. It's actually surprising, well though-out, and more about Nick Wild's character than mindless fight scenes.

Well, the problem might not just be the trailer. There are a lot of side stories in this one film, the stories give you context, a get better sense of who Nick Wild (Statham) is, but in this case it's a little bit much. Because if you pick any of the side stories and make trailer of it, you'll have a completely different film, which is why the movie feels like a draft, jumbled, messy. I am aware that I'm saying this about a film written by an academy award winning screenwriter but that's how it is.

In way it reflects Nick Wild's state of mind and where he's at in his life. The deeper you get into the movie the more layers you find and realize what he's struggling with but as the movie start to scratch the surface it ends. I like Wild Card for one thing because it shown Jason Statham in a new light. He talks as much as he fights in this film and if you like Statham throwing fits and handling knives you'll be pleasantly surprise to him talk.

Wild Card is a better movie than I expected, don't get me wrong it's not movie of the year, but it's kind of good and entertaining.


Wild Card has been a passion project of Jason Statham's for several years, the actor having even secured Brian De Palma for the director's chair at one point. With De Palma stepping away, Statham enlisted the competent but much less exciting Simon West with whom he'd already collaborated on The Mechanic and The Expendables 2.

West was excited to work with legendary screenwriter William Goldman again after The General's Daughter and assembled an impressive supporting cast around Statham, the likes of Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche, Jason Alexander and many more. A vastly underrated actor, Statham easily holds his own among these and gives a fine performance as Nick Wild, first played in the 1986 original by Burt Reynolds.

That picture was a notoriously troubled production that left a sour taste in William Goldman's mouth, but he obviously thought highly of his screenplay, as story-wise, Wild Card plays almost exactly like the original, beat-by-beat. However, watching the on-screen proceedings it is hard to believe this is the same man responsible for such classics as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men, The Princess Bride and so many others.

From its top notch cast to its look and pacing, Wild Card feels like it wants to a gritty drama, a moody character piece with bursts of action in the vein of Michael Mann's Collateral, a film with which it shares quite a few characteristics. Unfortunately it never quite reaches the heights of its ambitions, the film being unable to conjure up something special, unexpected, original enough to put it over the top.

That is not to say it doesn't deliver. Without saying much, the film draws you into this world easily and convincingly. The acting is very strong and the characters pretty appealing. The writing is sharp. Cinematographer Shelly Johnson gives the film a distinctive look and the editing is excellent. The score is composed by the ultra-talented Dario Marianelli. And then there's the action.

While there are only but a few of them, the action scenes, handled by Hong Kong legend and frequent Statham collaborator Cor(e)y Yuen, are incredible, exhilarating and eminently memorable. Even more to the film's credit, each one is very different, both through their visual and musical presentations.

All this makes for a perfectly serviceable film but one unfortunately stuck between two worlds. Which makes it quite a shame that Brian De Palma backed out of the project as his style would have no doubt elevated Wild Card to something pretty fascinating.


This is basically a remake of the 1986 movie Heat with Nic's character being played by Burt Reynolds. Staham reprises the role and does a pretty decent job. If you like the original with Burt Reynolds you will enjoy this remake too.

Spoiler alert the kid who meets Nic and wants to tag along survives in this version.

Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

I guess Hollywood really is running out of original ideas these days and Im guessing they were trying to hide the fact that this was just a remake.
Hidden Winter

Hidden Winter

This film ain't Mary Poppins and there is no doubt you don't go to see one of Jason Statham's films for culture or intellectual stimuli. You can be 100 percent certain however that it does have style and quality bought about by the post production and editing that glues it all together, and raises it a notch or two higher than the average blood fest that some films in this genre exemplify.

Some of the cinematography is spectacular and accomplished, graphic, and well finessed, and is a definite reason to watch; that is of course if that kind of violence is your thing.

This is a festival of graphic violence and slow-mo fight scenes, choreographed like ballet and some staggeringly cringe worthy suggestive violence that will make most blokes thank almighty God it isn't them on the receiving end!

It is also very funny film with a reasonable plot, and some very credible gangster acting from the supporting cast. I went to see this film pretty much knowing what I was going to get and I didn't come away disappointed.

Don't get me wrong I don't love violence in films , but when it is done this well you just have to give it a nod of appreciation, for what is Statham all the way as only Statham can do it......


I was in the mood for a nice action movie, and I did not have a lot of expectations for this Jason Statham movie. I have to say it was really entertaining, patient viewers will be rewarded! I was surprised to see the low rating here on IMDb, but I understand this is a "slow- burning" type of movie, not always the best idea for action movies. However, this had a lot of great elements in my opinion.

It is not a full-throttle non-stop action type of flick, but the fight scenes are very well executed, especially one fight scene in the Casino. I prefer having a few great scenes filmed with style than numerous average fights/gunshots scenes filmed with shaky-cam. This is why I liked this movie better than previous Statham flicks like "Safe", or "The Mechanic" (which I still liked).

The music was cool, and I loved seeing Statham driving around with his Ford Torino GT in the streets of Vegas. The direction from Simon West was really surprising, coming-off very strong after the pretty generic and weak "Stolen" with Nic Cage.

The movie is not perfect, the sub-plot with Cyrus (the young guy) was a bit annoying, but it is a cool movie, really underrated in my opinion. You also have a lot of great supporting actors like Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara and Max Casella.

the monster

the monster

For a movie that has Jason Staham and Sofia Vergara(even though she just appeared at the begging) it could be a lot better. The story is in Las Vegas, which is a great city for movies, and for this one in particular it's suits it. The story is about a guy named Nick Wild(Jason Staham) that is a hired man to protect you whenever you want, his goal is to reach 500000$ so that he can go on vacation's in Corsega for 5 years.But something is going to speed up his ''dream''. He is not normal bodyguard has he does not use guns, his only weapons are his fists, and objects that he finds. As I said the movie could be a lot better, that because, even though the part where he doesn't use guns is quite interesting, the storyline isn't I rate this movie a 5 out of 10, i recommend you to see it if there is not anything more appealing in the cinema(My case). It is not bad but it is not good, so, that's the reason why i rate this movie a 5.


Its labelled as an action drama but although the action delivers the bits of drama were pretty poor and could of been better. Its only a 90 minute film, maybe if it was longer they could of made Stathams character more relatable. On the upside the brilliant action scenes which sees Statham attack members of the mob with just a knife and fork!... makes WIldcard a decent film and a decent watch, (Watch out for "The envy of all mankind" scene... I am pulling a painful facial expression just thinking about it!... Im a massive Statham fan and Blitz has to be the best this doesn't come close but it beats The Mechanic


If you were to split Wild Card into parts of ten minutes each, every part would be enjoyable. It's when you stitch the parts together, however, that it becomes evident that the movie doesn't completely hang together. It seems to me that some important bits were left in the editing room, and that the story was rushed along, instead of being given room to breathe. To my mind, there were enough ideas for three or four decent noir-ish Stratham movies: the woman wronged; the gambling addiction; the "kid"; and the hotelier.

Also, I want to put in a good word for Stanley Tucci. He has a small role but he filled it completely, and he was another reason that I was regretting the movie was not expanded into more parts, following the tradition of "The Hobbit".

Overall, if you're a Stratham fan, this is not his best work, but it is still well worth a watch.


This is a beautifully-shot action flick, clean, with simple but thoughtful scenes, and gratitude-inspiring.

The characters are excellently defined, and the fights finely choreographed. The movie's main theme is loyalty that shapes the main character's destiny and defies selfishness.

But what gives the movie value is its cinematography, with every frame and scene well shot, almost like a postcard. It's a tribute to the "loner" action-hero movies of the '70's - with Jason Statham as a Steve McQueen-esque epigon.

Of course it helps to have the Sin City as a location, where the glitz and modern life can't muffle the sweating smell of mob goons and dirty old games.


Wild Card is a damn good film. There are three great fight scenes in it, one in which Jason takes on a gang of thugs using nothing but a spoon and a butter knife, and these scenes alone make this film worthwhile, sort of in the way the fight scenes in Rumble in the Bronx carried that one. But Wild Card is so much more. Wild Card is also a character study of a compulsive gambler trying to escape life in Las Vegas, who owes everyone but who refuses to let people help him. After a friend is raped by a mob connected thug, Nick Wild sets out on a suicidal course to kick the crap out of everyone involved. But instead of hiding from the gang of hoodlums out to get him, he sits around gambling waiting for them, so that when they arrive he can break their arms and crush their windpipes the way only Jason Statham can.


Story: Wild Card starts with a last December timeline where Nick Wild (Statham) is drinking in a bar where he gets mixed up with Osgood (Casella) and his girl DD (Vergara). We see a girl beaten up and dumped outside a hospital and her only word is Nick after being asked who did it. Nick is a security consultant for attorney Pinky (Alexander). A young man Cyrus Kinnick (Angarano) wants to hire Nick to bodyguard him during a night in the casino. We see that the opening fight was just a play to make Osgood look good for the girl. Holly (Garcia-Lorido) was the girl from the hospital and while released she turns out to be friends with Nick and calling out was for his help. She recounts that story of what happened with three guys raping and beating her up, Holly wants Nick to find the guys responsible so she can sue them. Nick has connection all over town apart from the hotel where the incident happened but he does find out who it was Danny DeMarco (Ventimiglia) but he is warned away. Nick takes Cyrus on the night around Las Vegas while being conflicted about what happened to Holly, leaving Cyrus in his low stakes gambling Nick goes to Holly and ends up getting involved with helping her get her revenge. Nick pays Danny a visit leaving all three of them laying giving Holly her chance at revenge. Roll credits, wait we have only had 45 minutes so far. Nick heads to the casino to try and kill some time with his croupier friend Cassandra (Davis) as Nick knows this will be his last night in Vegas. Nick hits an unbelievable streak on the table making the money he wants so he can leave the city once and for all. Nick's gambling problems come back to hit him when he decides to risk it all to make enough so he will never have to return to Vegas, but blows it all. Cyrus final reveals why he has made contact with Nick and wants to learn how to lose his fear of the world but Nick has to deal with the DeMarco's. Wild Card gives us what we are used to from a Jason Statham film, we know he will end up in a fight against multiply opponents while trying to do the right thing. Taking that away we do get elements of the film which take on a more serious note, like his gambling addiction. Unlike certain films touching on the same subject matter we get to see people come and go from the story early than we would expect. When it comes to the base story it works out nicely for an enjoyable action thriller but don't expect anything ground breaking. (7/10)

Actor Review

Jason Statham: Nick Wild specialist who knows the right people at all the levels of Vegas who ends up helping a friend get revenge on a guy who beat them up. After he does this he ends up having to fight his own demons with addiction while showing a young man around the city. Jason does what he does best, acting moody and kicking ass. (7/10)

Michael Angarano: Cyrus Kinnick young man who hires Nick to show him around town but it turns out he might have a different motive. Michael does a solid job but his character seems to get buried in all the action. (5/10)

Milo Ventimiglia: Danny DeMarco gangster who abuses a woman leading to Nick helping get revenge against him. Milo does a good job with him continuing to take the weasel like villainous role. (7/10)

Support Cast: Wild Card has plenty of supporting characters who mostly only appear in cameo like performance from the better known stars, Stanley Tucci, Sofa Vergara to mention a couple.

Director Review: Simon West – Simon does a solid job directing this to make an action thriller than works with Statham in the lead. (7/10)

Action: Wild Card has a couple of fight scenes that all come off very good in the end. (7/10) Thriller: Wild Card doesn't manage to pull you in as much as it could because each chapter of the story seems to get put together very well that is closes it before making us wonder what will happen next. (4/10) Settings: Wild Card uses Vegas as the setting which is always a good setting for the subject matters involved. (9/10) Suggestion: Wild Card is one for the action fans to enjoy, it won't test you too much but can be enjoyed by the fans of the genre. (Action Fans Watch)

Best Part: Final fight. Worst Part: It feels like it could end after the revenge scene. Action Scene Of The Film: Final Fight.

Believability: No (0/10) Chances of Tears: No (0/10) Chances of Sequel: Unlikely Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No Budget: $30 Million Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes Tagline: Never bet against a man with a killer hand Trivia: Remake of The Heat (1986)

Overall: This really is just another action film that can be enjoyed but won't add too much to the genre in the long term.

Check out more reviews at http://moviesreview101.com/


why watch this film? Jason Statham and not much else. the plot is nothing special and does not differ from the Burt Reynolds 1986 version but it seems Reynolds did not kick as much ass as Statham. it's 2015 and the violence has been amped up as the audience demands more. like the ancient Romans we must be entertained. the movie moves along at a snail's pace and you almost die of boredom waiting for something to happen. wait for it cuz when the ass kicking starts it is well worth the wait. ASS KICKING is the only reason to watch a Statham movie. he is magnetic on the screen and opens a can of whoop ass so well. the violence is cartoonish and it amazes that in the end he gets away with all the mayhem he leaves behind. you must suspend your disbelief cuz this kind of thing doesn't happen for real. that's why we go to the movies.


I saw Heat with Burt Reynolds, in the theater, when it was released...I was an adult by then, it was the 80's and cheesy movies were the entertainment du jour. If you grew up in the 70's you thought Burt was the man!

Stratham is exactly like Reynolds, but completely different...Burt always looked like he was having a good time, He did it with a smile...Jason, on the other hand, is angry. He plays the "I'm in pain, I have a lot of junk going on and if anyone messes with me; they're gonna be hurtin for certain...

This movie (wild card) slipped by un-noticed, I just watched, for the first time, today. It was a very entertaining movie. It had GREAT fight scenes. The characters were a bit cliché but... Meh; what movie doesn't have that in this genre...

Sometimes, it's just nice to sit back and be entertained. Wild Card does a great job of that. It is a well done action movie. :)


I must agree with most reviews I have seen about this flick. it's not a really good one due the script. When the action takes place then this flick is at it's best but it also has a few moments at the casinos were Nick (Statham) is playing blackjack and it takes too long to be honest.

It's really the director Simon West (from Con-air (1997) and Lara Croft (2001) fame) who takes this flick to a better level. There's no problem with the acting but as I said it's the script that fails but West takes the action with slo-mo effects were you can see what is happening to Nick's victims.

On the other hand if you want to see Las Vegas in a quickie you can see it over here, and the funny thing is that the diner shown was a place I've noticed when I was there at Vegas.

Not the best flick with Statham but if you are into an action revenge flick then this is worth picking up. Ideal to see with your friends.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
Simple fellow

Simple fellow

This is the movie where Jason Statham plays an irritable loner who has killing skills. Unfortunately, he plays a character so unlikeable that it is difficult to sit through. It doesn't even seem like much happens in this movie. I hesitate to recommend a movie that wants us to get to know the personality of someone I really can't stand.

On the other hand, the villains were villainous. The fight scenes were brutal and compelling. If only there hadn't been all that movie to distract from that.

Now, I've enjoyed Statham in other movies. He was fantastic in "Revolver" and a joy to watch in "Snatch"; however, you can't just drop him into a movie and hope that he can save it. He isn't Bill Murray, after all.

Here's hoping Jason Statham didn't lose Guy Ritchie's phone number.


at first Me and my girlfriend are Jason's fans, but not for this movie. each character in this movie have no chemistry, they like just know each other for hours not years.story line a too weak and take too long to get to the point. the usual case, the enemy is too ordinary, too easily defeated, too easy to get money again after bankruptcy, and the ending is confusing I don't know what's happening to him really, he need to choose the right movie before saying yes to be the main star of it, Bad movie.I expect too much from the trailer I wasted my time again.and my GF said the same thing that day. she said the revenge and things on those film were to flat better try again Jason