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Never Too Big  Online
Original Title :
Never Too Big
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama / Sport
Writer :
Daniel Stisen
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Never Too Big Online

Daniel was Norway's greatest bodybuilding talent until he got overly cocky on a photo shoot. Four years later he is too old and too injured to ever build world-class muscle size. Meanwhile his junior day nemesis Steven Lang is reigning champion and set to win Arnold Schwarzenegger's new tournament Never Too Big. The Idol-inspired 24/7 reality-TV concept is meant to be a game changer that will bring bodybuilding to huge mainstream audiences. Back at his father's gym in Oslo, Daniel sits down with an old acquaintance. A vial is slid across the table. An offer is made. In it is the holy grail of pharmaceuticals, the product of a race that started in 1997 when scientists discovered the gene that controls myostatin. It's a protein that tells your body to stop when it's grown sufficient muscle size. If you turn it off, you get Belgian Blue cows. You get mice that double their lean muscle mass in weeks. This new drug works great to put a few kilos on aging dystrophy patients, but is yet to ...